tom_dropshadow_275Tom is an author, bookwright and poet who mentors other authors how to unleash the books inside themselves.

He specialises in removing writer’s block and helping authors connect with their creative muse.

His 30 year career in the broadcasting and Internet industries has given him considerable commercial acumen as well as a deep appreciation and understanding of advanced technologies.  He has a knack for making these both simple to understand and empowering for others.

He has now redirected his business skills to deliver both innovation and inspiration for budding authors. Via a set of simple, elegant and thought provoking techniques, Tom can transform your world view forever and help unleash the creativity inside you.

He is also a student of both the esoteric and exoteric and has been called, by others, both a wizard and alchemist. While making no claims to these lofty titles himself, he can certainly help you turn your thoughts and words into literary gold.

mastertrainerlogo_175Tom is also a Master Trainer for Buzan Online’s iMindMap software. If you have trouble seeing the wood from the trees, a session with him will leave you not only with amazing clarity but also the skill set to repeat the process again and again. He will show you techniques to embed mind maps in your neurology such that what you map out and plan becomes reality.

Definition of Tomography

Tom’s Tomes



‘Blocks’ is an easy to follow guide to unlocking your true creative potential.

This practical and comprehensive book takes you on a journey of the mind to help you banish your blocks forever and tap into an abundant flow of inspiration and creativity.

This book is for anyone who writes regularly, whether professionally or for pleasure. Nearly everyone will at some point have found themselves unable to get into their creative flow and achieve the literary results they are looking for.

‘Blocks’ explains why we get stuck and how to get unblocked. It is available in ebook form and, optionally, with 6 guided Mp3 visualisations designed to get your creative juices flowing.

Note that although ‘Blocks’ was written primarily for authors, it can equally be used by artists, musicians and any one involved in any creative process.

‘Blocks’ ebook with 6 MP3 visualisation bundle – £19.99
Get both today and save £5
Blocks ebook only – £14.99
PDF version – note, epub version coming soon, contact us for details
The ‘Blocks’ MP3 visualisation bundle only – £9.99
Note that these MP3’s use relaxing brain entrainment background music to take you into alpha and theta states – approx length 55 mins

100 Years of Ermintrude, the Trilogy

100 Years of Ermintrude

Tom’s first foray into the world of print was to create a trilogy of ebooks called 100 Years of Ermintrude which started life as an ebook before coming out in print – raising a fair amount for breast cancer charity on the way. These books can be read in minutes but leave a message about how to live your life that will last forever.

“Truly a touching piece of work and artistry wonderfully complimented by the guitar music. Thought provoking to the extent I just wanted to ‘hug’ someone.” – SarahJayne Caffray

“I watched/listened to Ermintrude with a couple of friends. If is fantastic, really moving. It made us all sit back and think. Afterwards the room was quiet for a few minutes. It was strange, we then starting talking about who each character was. Definitely a profound effect. Then we watched it again.” – Denise Harris

“Stop, look and listen. Read, learn and inwardly digest. I’m touched and delighted. I’m quiet.” – Jackie Walker

“Stunning, I cried, that’s all” – Maurice Watts

“Ermintrude was a physical, spiritual and emotional journey designed for the soul. A feast for the senses, a harmonic blend of music, voice, and art and prose. A piece to reflect and time out for those who are too busy wasting time instead of living life.” – frankie picasso

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The Ermintrude Years Trilogy @ £4.99 : download version
Includes 3 PDF ebooks including:
100 Years of Ermintrude
25 Years of Tristan
65 Years of Lucy


Tom’s next major work is a novel about time, luck and space.
It was conceived as a concept just after he got out of a shower with a tarantula in it and deals with cutting edge thinking into consciousness, cosmology and evolution. It’s the Brief History of Time meeting A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy but in with a 21st century vision of where we came from, how we got here and where we are going.

The main protagonist is a young girl called Lin who has a pet dolphin called Luki. Lin goes on a journey of self discovery that takes in the whole cosmos and time itself.

Thought the novel deals with obscure concepts, it written specifically to get a new message and understanding to people who never read a science book or go into the Mind, Body and Spirit section.

“This is a wonderful story ! Highy original, exciting and inventive ! Designed to be a huge success !!!”

“We’re hooked!  Bring it on please!”

“My type of book! Intruiging, I can’t wait to read more.  I think it will fly.”

Soulwave is due out in mid-2009 but you can read the first chapters for free on Myebook here –  don’t forget to leave a comment and your feedback of what you think of it.

Myebook - Wordlube - writer's block removal in 5 days - click here to open my ebook


Wordlube is a new kind of book written and designed specifically to take advantage of the functionality of Myebook.

It’s completely free (for the moment at least) and takes the reader through 5 days of exercises to banish writer’s block forever. How it works is just magic.

Here’s what people are saying about it ….
“A very creative piece of work Tom! Imagine what an impact this could have on unleashing creativity. Well done!”

“A fantastic product. Simple, easy to apply, very engaging and transformational. I love it.”

“Four fifths of the new book completed and people waiting! Oh the stress! This is just perfect for taking that nasty flappiness away so we can enjoy the writing process again. You are fab.”

“Really diverse in helping you overcome the “block”. Mind-mapping is the way to go!”

Myebook - The Spirit of Collaboration - click here to open my ebook

The Spirit of Collaboration

Another great initiative Tom is involved with is a collaborative project, conceived by Mindy Gibbins Klein and Andy Coote of Ecademy Press, to create a book in record time with each author contributing a chapter of business wisdom. The result is a book called BusinessWise which shot to No 2 in business books on Amazon on its launch date.

“It’s great to get a perspective from so many contributors who write such “easy to understand” yet “extremely informative” words. My favorite chapter is “The Spirit of Collaboration” by Tom Evans. His words of wisdom make so much sense to me . . it almost feels like he knows my own thoughts really well. This is definately a “MUST BUY” book for anyone with a small business and BIG ambitions. ” – Karen Maskall

You can get a complimentary copy of his chapter, the Spirit of Collaboration here and buy a copy of the book here.

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