Don’t you just love Onomatopoeia?

Check out Borborygmus and, upon a little more research, I was amazed at the occurence, similarities and abundance of Onomatopoeia in so many different languages

… please add your favourites in the Comments box below

Simple ways to improve your vocabulary

The WordThe mind and brain is like any other part of our body – use it and it either stays in shape or improves – abuse it or ignore it and it will atrophy.

Words and vocabulary are the essential building blocks for any writer and we are blessed, in the English language with a rich repository of words.

There are two free resources on the web (at least) that will deliver a new supply of words to your In Box every day

1. Word of the Day – also in this blog’s right hand column as an RSS feed

2. Visual Thesaurus also has a word of the day and is one of the great lexicographical tools on the web

Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus