A book is your best business card …

& how the Bookwright got his avatar & moniker …

For me, writing my first book – 100 Years of Ermintrude – ended up with my career taking off in a completely different and unexpected direction …  find out how in this short YouTube clip

Thanks go not only to Karen Skidmore as mentioned in this clip but also to Jenny Littlejohn, Jaquetta Trueman, Lisa Turner, Jo Simpson and Wendy Salter – I couldn’t have done it without any of your help ….

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How I became an author … Wendy Salter

The pleasures to be enjoyed from reading books are innumerable.

The path to writing your own book is tortuous and lengthy … or is it?

You either like writing or you don’t, which immediately isolates a relatively small portion of the population
who are likely to write a book, and that was a revelation that came to me this year – the year I produced my own first book.
It is not a competition between writers; it is what writers do, naturally – produce books; like cooks produce food.
I realised that because some are doing it successfully, it doesn’t have to inhibit first-timers. Yes, some become famous and prolific in their creations, like pop stars, but, again, that doesn’t make them the best for everyone. I see now that that is more about marketing than writing good books.
Writing, and having something to write about, has never been a problem for me, but becoming a published author certainly was, before now.
I love a good book and am probably quite critical in how I choose an author and reading subject; for example,
I have read only five chapters of the Harry Potter polylogy and I have only read two books more than once.
They were ‘Tess of the Durbervilles’ by Thomas Hardy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tess_of_the_Durbervilles.
and Homer’s ‘Oddysey’ . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odyssey
Starting the book that I have just self-published was also alot easier than I could ever have imagined. It was as easy as 1, 2, 3…go!
A few words came into my head one night, just before going to sleep and instead of dismissing them as unimportant
I wrote them down the next day. A few hours later I had the first five chapters of a short story.
These words were very far away from being a book, and I had no thoughts around what I would do with them, until the story unfolded before my eyes and became a revelation in itself. One story led to another until, five months after starting, I had a potential book. The seed of thought of it being a book one day was germinated by several elements.
  1. There was at least one person, I knew, who would read my book, and, as it has turned out, many, many more.
  2. There was so much excitement for me in writing the book that I felt  there would be excitement, and therefore enjoyment, for the person reading it.
  3. The finished book seemed to offer something valid and enlightening to anyone who read it, beyond just enjoyment.
  4. I knew Tom Evans.
Tom, the Bookwright, www.thebookwright.com has been a master key to turning my story into a book. Tom’s support, encouragement, knowledge and expertise, especially about self-publishing, has made the process extremely easy.
I wondered if I should use a pen and paper at one point, because it felt like such a rich experience, but I found my lap-top and
‘Word’ so useful for correcting and editing later. Sending the complete manuscript as a document via the Internet, to your chosen publisher, is so easy, too.
I can now see that once you recognise that you are a writer, everything else can follow on smoothly.
I have self-published on www.lulu.com just to get a book in my hand and see what it looks like and to give the unabridged first edition to my family.
It is easy and cheap. Your book arrives within five days!

Having held my book in my hands – a real book called ‘Herstoria’ – and seen my words on the pages therein, I am now going to walk fearlessly along the path of authorship and urge you to do so too. http://wendysalter.wordpress.com/2008/05/01/herstoria-first-installmentherstoria-first-installment/

Tom encouraged me to start my own Blog. www.wendysalter.com I have found that not only could I start serialising my first story on the Blog, but I could overcome my nerves about being exposed, criticised or even ignored. I also enjoyed posting short articles and poems. The feedback I have received by doing this has been very positive. It is great fun and very rewarding as well as a useful practice for being a published writer.
Tom is like a writer’s guardian angel. He will be there to help you overcome any self-doubt, writers’ block, loss of direction or lack of information and will be the first to celebrate your success with you.
Wendy Salter

New Authors Unleash their Books Inside

I am really proud to tell you about the great progress three new authors have made since they attended the Unleash the Book Inside workshop in the first half of this year.

New authors, Wendy Salter, Lisa Turner and Jackie Walker, have all been extremely productive and made great progress towards getting their books in print.

Wendy has written a complete four-part novel called ‘HerStories’, which is being published this year.
Earlier this year she became a ‘published’ author through building her blog site. Visit Wendy Salter, Avia today to win a free ebook version of ‘HerStories’ Part 1.
And success comes in threes – she’s had one of her poems published in ‘The Best Poems and Poets of 2007.
‘Unleash the Book Inside’ client Wendy says, “I was very nervous about the blog site but Tom guided me through its creation and I am now decidedly ‘unleashed’! It gave me the confidence to write my novel.”

Equally prolific, but in a different genre and field, has been Lisa who now has two new ebooks out to her name – with more in the pipeline.

The first one is free and written for coaches, healers and therapists helping them in running their business successfully.

Get your free guide to running a successful practice here

The second is combined with an MP3 guided meditation and is a gentle introduction, and lead in, to Lisa’s evolutionary Lightworker Training programme.

Lightworker’s Guide to Mastering Materialism

Together, they are an excellent example of how you can speedily use your writing to access a global market.

In just a couple of week after they were launched, Lisa has had her first overseas sales. In addition, we’ve opened an encouraging dialoque with a literary agent who specialises in the genre of Mind, Body, Spirit.

Last but not least is Jackie Walker, the Divorce Coach.
Jackie has produced an ebook of her 7 day course called, appropriately enough, 7 Easy Steps to Stress-less Relationship. It is available to download here

I was particularly impressed with the speed that Jackie brought this to market and she’s now working on a new book to challenge and explore the mystery and magic of successful relationships.