104 Years of Sydney

This is a collaborative poem with a stanza each from the minds and pens of each of the attendees of the Guildford Unleash the Book Inside Workshop on the 12th March. Thank you for lending your cumulative life experiences to make such a composite life story.

0 years old

Suddenly her comfort went

The waters broke and out she came

‘Twas Tuesday in the midst of Lent

She coughed and cried and lit her Flame

5 years old

I’m quite grown up – in fact five year’s old !

I’ve started school and can tie my shoes

I paint and sing – my style is bold

I know everything now I can read the news

10 years old

For my first decade, I am a big girl

Daddy takes me to the Royal Opera House in a boat

My Mummy’s singing put my head in a whirl

Out there on the stage was soaring to make me float

16 years old

Sweet 16 and never been kissed?

Not on your life as I’ve been blessed

I’ve been here before and not a trick missed

I sure can kiss along with the best

21 years old

Sydney had come of age

Didn’t want to live in a boat

She had to find a regular wage

And so thought about milking a goat

30 years old

Now I’m 30 and feeling flirty

When will I meet that man to get down with & be dirty

Never mind, an early night and erotic story

I hope he comes before I’m forty

40 years old

When her birth certificate had passed 40 summers

Sydney’d sculpted and sung about chickens in prison

And caused such reactions that blew off their feathers

She found an erotic missions staring back from the chasm

50 years old

I promised myself I’d become a Divemaster

Couldn’t do it before because I had asthma

Broke throught that one, just a limiting beleif

So beautiful, the coral, the fish and the reef

60 years old

Now I’ve got grandkids,

What should I teach

Opera singing for sure

The high notes to reach

70 years old

I laid in a tomb inside a pyramid

I know you won’t believe it but it’s something I did

The climb to the tomb was steep and uphill

But nothing in my life has compared to that thrill

80 years old

I look in the mirror and don’t know the person staring back at me

Yet looking in her eyes, I see a soul whose life is rich in experiences & love which rings so true

And moving beyond the greying hair and paper parchment skin of my physicality

I see the spirit of adventure and joy that ensures I endure and keep following through

95 years old

As Sydney reminisced about her four and a half months in jail

She had spent her time on a boat sculpting patiently with love

Her lover, the opera singer, long ago her alter ego male

Now long ago it seemed 10:30am, 7th March as she now moved above

104 years old

Born Monday 7th March, 1904

Sydney’s been around longer than anyone I know

She lived through the Blitz and the First World War

What’s her secret? Her daily fix of the Richard & Judy Show


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