Soulwave – a novel about Time, Space & Luck

I reckon that if the fabulous Paolo Coelho can serialise his novel to test it with his readers – as he did with The Winner Stands Alone – then I should have a go too.

So I’ve put the first few chapters of my new novel Soulwave up on the myebook platform.

You can access it here …

& I would be ever so grateful for a few things

1. What you think of it – truely !!

2. Adding comments at the front of the book or using the form at the back

3. Clicking the Subscribe button so you get notified when I add the next chapters

4. Telling your friends about it …

Myebook - Soulwave - a novel about Time, Space & Luck - click here to open my ebook

The Winner Stands Alone

Paulo Coelho is publishing the chapters of his new book, sequentially, on his blog site for comment.

You can read the latest chapter and add comments here

Apart from being one of my favorite writers, he gets the Interweb big time and uses it wisely and sagely.

Not only is he a consumate blogger but you can also follow him on Twitter here

& he gets Flickr & other Web 2.0/3.0 concepts too

Thank you Paulo for shining such light and showing how to do it.

The third chapter will be posted on Tuesday 3rd of February