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LBF: How to get published masterclass

lbf08_header_rightI had the great pleasure of attending the London Book Fair ‘How to get published masterclass’ on Saturday at Earls Court.

The LBF assembled a stellar panel skillfully chaired by Danuta Kean. From the world of publishing, Bill Swainson from Bloomsbury and Simon Trewin from United Artists gave up their Saturday mornings –  as did authors Kate Mosse, Lola Jaye & Gareth Sibson.

The messages that came across were pretty consistent. From a publisher’s perspective they were these:

  • Even in the current economic climate, there is cautious optimism about the future (for publishers, agents & authors)
  • Both Bill and Simon are passionate about what they do & excited what each daily round of new submissions might bring
  • That publishers and agents are human beings too – and very approachable (if done correctly)

Their top tips were:

  • Do your research into which publishers & agents take your type of work
  • Unsolicited submissions to publishers have less chance than those via agents
  • Keep submissions short but show passion, influences and professionalism
  • Be patient – the time constant for a publishing deal is 12 to 24 months
  • Do’nt approach them if you are not 100% happy with your work and don’t approach too early
  • Don’t be arrogant &, as Simon said, “Don’t imply that you are a genius & I am a moron.”

From an author’s perspective, here’s the best tips from Kate, Gaye and Gareth:

  • “Don’t give up your day job” – Lola
  • “Writing a book is like training for a marathon” – Kate – i.e.  a little exercise each day helps
  • “I will be a brand” – Gareth – getting the back story about your book in front of a features editors can be much more useful than getting a literary review
  • Be prepared for the long haul & hard work
  • Make writing part of your day & your life
  • Read as well as write
  • Self publishing is a viable route forward for new authors

Even as an already self-published author with two more books on the way, I found the masterclass really useful.  I can also confirm that, if you send a submission to Simon and his team, they do actually read it and reply to you within the time they state on their web site. The feedback is really useful too.

Did I learn anything new?  If I am completely honest, not really but it was really encouraging to hear these consistent messages from such industry luminaries.  I left in the knowledge I was doing all the right things and it’s just a question of application, dedication and being in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing. This alone made it well worth attending.

Would I recommend it to aspiring authors for 2010? Definitely.

If you are serious about getting published what better way than to hear directly from people who have been there and done it – and done it successfully – and a visit to the Book Fair itself to better understand the industry is well worthwhile.

Thanks again to the panel for giving up their Saturday morning.

Some suggestions for the organisers for 2010:

  • Kinder lighting for the panellists’ eyes
  • Perhaps 5-10 minutes from sponsor Authorhouse to explain the excellent service I know they provide to new authors
  • A representative from world of epublishing

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