Unleash the ebook inside you competition

Myebook - Unleash Your eBook Inside Competition - click here to open my ebook

We have launched a free competition on the new platform myebook to find new and exciting writing talent.

myebook is a completely free platform with is like YouTube for ebooks. It allows authors to post their work for free and incorporate a range of multimedia components like audio narration and video interviews with the author.

The competition is running until the end of June 2009 and is open to both new authors and authors who have previously self published. Submissions can be whole books, sample chapters from books just started or published or even poetry and inspiring works of non-fiction.

The prizes are just amazing. First prize is a bespoke cover design by Huw-J, the designer of the Garth cartoon strip and a month’s worth of mentoring from Tom Evans, the Bookwright. The winner will also get front page billing on the myebook web site for a month too.

The competition will be judged by Caroline Taggart of Writer’s Market 2010, Sy Whitehall who is the Head of Communications at myebook and Tom Evans, The Bookwright.

The winning entries will be judged on both literary and artistic merit as well as how they use the rich functionality of the myebook platform. Extra kudos can be earned for the inventiveness of the viral campaign to publicise the author’s work and how many views and ratings the ebook receives.

For details on the competition and the excellent prizes, have a look at this ebook …


To enter the competition, visit www.thebookwright.co.uk/myebookcompetition

Soulwave – a novel about Time, Space & Luck

I reckon that if the fabulous Paolo Coelho can serialise his novel to test it with his readers – as he did with The Winner Stands Alone – then I should have a go too.

So I’ve put the first few chapters of my new novel Soulwave up on the myebook platform.

You can access it here … www.tinyurl.com/soulwavesampler

& I would be ever so grateful for a few things

1. What you think of it – truely !!

2. Adding comments at the front of the book or using the form at the back

3. Clicking the Subscribe button so you get notified when I add the next chapters

4. Telling your friends about it …

Myebook - Soulwave - a novel about Time, Space & Luck - click here to open my ebook

At last a cure for Writer’s Block

Myebook - Wordlube - writer's block removal in 5 days - click here to open my ebook

As part of my author mentoring work in workshops, online and 1-2-1’s, I spend a fair amount of time dealing with writer’s blocks.

For the most stubborn blocks, I use techniques such as hypnosis, past life regression and therapies using time line and releasing karma.

For the run of the mill blockages, less drastic action is needed and I’ve just written an ebook with a set of simple exercises that can be done over a series of 5 days to help authors connect with their creative muse.

My inspiration for this was using a can of WD-4o at the weekend to free up a stubborn padlock in the garden. It got me thinking. What if there was a spray we could use to unstick writers?

Wordlube was born and you can access it for free here on the excellent Myebook platform … the YouTube for writers & publishers …


The book has been out for just a week and this is what people are saying about it already ….

“A very creative piece of work Tom! Imagine what an impact this could have on unleashing creativity. Well done!”

“A fantastic product. Simple, easy to apply, very engaging and transformational. I love it.”

“Four fifths of the new book completed and people waiting! Oh the stress! This is just perfect for taking that nasty flappiness away so we can enjoy the writing process again. You are fab.”

“Really diverse in helping you overcome the “block”. Mind-mapping is the way to go!”

The Bookwright a year old – a CanDoCanBe attitude?

This week sees the first birthday of The Bookwright blog … and indeed of the Bookwright moniker.

Somewhat serendipitously,  I came up with the name on the drive home after listening to Karen Skidmore of CanDoCanBe talking about how blogs can transform your business.

When you come up with a name you like and then you find the dot.com is available, it’s always a good light bulb moment – see here more on this

I suppose it’s somewhat appropriate then that tonight I’m speaking at Karen’s March CanDoCanBe networking event on the topic of how writing and publishing a book can transform your business and indeed your life.

P.S. here’s some feedback a day after the talk ….

“What an inspiration you are Tom. Before your presentation I wasn’t sure at all if I could really write a book. Now I feel the inspiration to go ahead and do it. A Sparkle from me to you. Thank you.” – Cim Bartlett

“Tom has now really motivated me to get my book finished and ‘out there’. Really engaging, do-able and supportive. Big thanks!” – Sarah Lumley

I simple wasn’t doing this a year ago and I have to thank many people like Wendy Salter & Lisa Turner for getting me to this point.

As you can see, it’s been a big year with many new achievements  … and there is much, much more just about to come.

For example, I’ve delivered 8 workshops and several of the attendees are now in print and many more have their books well on the way. This year the workshop goes nationwide and international !!

I’ve also been busy and written and ‘published’ two on-line books – namely the Home Study version of the workshop which is selling well and a free ebook called Wordlube to help clear writer’s block which has been well received.

myebooklogotransparent_180I’m also really pleased to announce in this anniversary week a new partnership with Myebook …. the YouTube for ebooks IMHO

… and over the next week or so, we’ll be announcing something very interesting indeed for new and aspiring authors …