A book is your best business card …

& how the Bookwright got his avatar & moniker …

For me, writing my first book – 100 Years of Ermintrude – ended up with my career taking off in a completely different and unexpected direction …  find out how in this short YouTube clip

Thanks go not only to Karen Skidmore as mentioned in this clip but also to Jenny Littlejohn, Jaquetta Trueman, Lisa Turner, Jo Simpson and Wendy Salter – I couldn’t have done it without any of your help ….

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The Bookwright a year old – a CanDoCanBe attitude?

This week sees the first birthday of The Bookwright blog … and indeed of the Bookwright moniker.

Somewhat serendipitously,  I came up with the name on the drive home after listening to Karen Skidmore of CanDoCanBe talking about how blogs can transform your business.

When you come up with a name you like and then you find the dot.com is available, it’s always a good light bulb moment – see here more on this

I suppose it’s somewhat appropriate then that tonight I’m speaking at Karen’s March CanDoCanBe networking event on the topic of how writing and publishing a book can transform your business and indeed your life.

P.S. here’s some feedback a day after the talk ….

“What an inspiration you are Tom. Before your presentation I wasn’t sure at all if I could really write a book. Now I feel the inspiration to go ahead and do it. A Sparkle from me to you. Thank you.” – Cim Bartlett

“Tom has now really motivated me to get my book finished and ‘out there’. Really engaging, do-able and supportive. Big thanks!” – Sarah Lumley

I simple wasn’t doing this a year ago and I have to thank many people like Wendy Salter & Lisa Turner for getting me to this point.

As you can see, it’s been a big year with many new achievements  … and there is much, much more just about to come.

For example, I’ve delivered 8 workshops and several of the attendees are now in print and many more have their books well on the way. This year the workshop goes nationwide and international !!

I’ve also been busy and written and ‘published’ two on-line books – namely the Home Study version of the workshop which is selling well and a free ebook called Wordlube to help clear writer’s block which has been well received.

myebooklogotransparent_180I’m also really pleased to announce in this anniversary week a new partnership with Myebook …. the YouTube for ebooks IMHO

… and over the next week or so, we’ll be announcing something very interesting indeed for new and aspiring authors …