Want to write a book & get published in 2009?


So you’ve always wanted to write a book.

Perhaps you don’t think you have the time or the talent.

Perhaps you think it’s well nigh impossible to get published.

Well in just two days in a luxurious and stunning environment in the Surrey Hills, this is what you will come away with:

  • An intimate knowledge of the publishing industry
  • The four routes to successful publishing
  • The start and ending of your book
  • A detailed mind map of its structure
  • Knowing how to write from a reader-centric perspective
  • Learning how to write while in a meditative state
  • Finding out how to synchronise your left and right brain
  • Finding out how to silence your inner critic
  • A strong connection to the superconsciousness
  • Any writer’s blocks blown away
  • Knowing how to entrance your reader & write a page turner
  • Several new life long friends and connections
  • A writing buddy

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How to Write a Book – Finding Time to Write

Many writers and aspiring authors say that they just don’t have the time that they need to finish (or even start) their book. At a recent speaking event I asked the audience  how many people wanted to write a book and a few raised their hands. I then asked them how many would want to write a book if they could find the time and knew how to get started – 95% of the audience raised their hands!  

Once you have the structure for your book, you will know how many chapters you need to write and can start the planning process.

For a normal paperback book, a chapter might run for 6 to 12 pages with each page having between 250 and 300 words. When you are ‘in the flow’, I reckon you can write a chapter in half a day to a day. To do this, you should resist the temptation to edit and research as you are going along. 

This means, for example, a twelve chapter book will take 6 to 12 days of your time to write. You will need to find this time or engage a ghost writer. 

To find this time, answer these questions: 

  • When are you most productive? 
  • What old habits can you change in your life to create this time? 
  • Do you have any ‘me time’ in your life and would you like some? 
  • Is it time for you to take a well deserved break? 
  • Does your desk or office need tidying? 

What unnecessary clutter do you want to remove from your life? 

Now it is said that every time you switch a task, you waste five minutes. So in preparation for writing, make sure you will not be interrupted.  

Get an answer phone if you haven’t already got one. Switch your mobile off. You may look at your emails every time they come in. Set your email application to get them every four hours.  

If you can be disciplined enough to write on a set day, tell all your family, friends and work contacts about it as they will respect you for it and leave you alone.  

You may watch 2 hours of soaps every evening to relax and switch off.  Now it may sound counter-intuitive but, once you break this habit, creative writing has many more therapeutic and relaxing benefits. Who knows you may even write your own soap!

By the way, if you like to learn how to stretch time so one hour seems like four or more, the techniques for doing this are what I teach on my courses and in one-to-one mentoring.  

To give you a clue how to do this, my best time management tip is one that sounds the most counter-intuitive. 

Before each writing session, spend 20-30 minutes meditating. If you are not sure how to meditate or have trouble silencing your over-active mind, just go for a walk or do some non-strenuous exercise – stretching, yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi are especially effective.  

What could be better than getting fit, having some ‘me time’ and writing a book at the same time. 

My philosophy by the way is always to create a ‘win win’ if not a ‘win-win-win’.  

You can find out more about writing and publishing your own book in my free Ebook – How to write a book and get it published.

Do you want to write a book? Have a clear purpose

If you are going to all the effort of writing a book, I think you’ll agree it would be a good idea to write ‘a great book’.

Many people approach the writing of a book from a business or financial angle.

While this is a laudable aim and great benefits can be achieved from publishing a book, I believe there is a healthier and more productive approach to making your book a success. 

The two main benefits to be gained from writing a book are the personal transformation you achieve as a writer and the enlightenment and entertainment you impart to the reader.  When you succeed in delivering both of these, the financial reward you seek will come easily and effortlessly.  Be prepared to be surprised though exactly how it comes in as it might not just be from book sales. 

From a personal perspective, the journey of researching or dreaming up your book is rewarding in its own right. The sense of pride when each milestone is reached is simply amazing. 

As you go from 1st draft, to edited manuscript through proof reading and typesetting and on to publication, you will grow in pride, stature and sense of purpose. 

As a published author, your friends and family see you in a new light as do work colleagues, partners and clients.  You become a domain expert in the eyes of the press, TV and radio. New doors will open for you as your book connects with people who you simple otherwise have met. 

Your book becomes the best business card you have ever had and you will be surprised at how having written it brings in revenues not only from direct book sales. This is equally true for fiction as well as non-fiction books. 

When you start to receive your first reader reviews, you begin to get a sense of the second benefit to be had by authors.  When you find how your words affect other people, people who aren’t your friends and family, you cannot help but beam with pride.

I remember when one man said about my first book, “Stunning, I cried. That’s all.”

I felt like I had arrived on the scene as an author. I could evoke feelings in people I had never met just from the power of the word. 

 This quote and the many others and was what got me really hooked and inspired me to write even more. 

You can find out more about writing and publishing your own book in my free Ebook – How to write a book and get it published.

Unleash the Book Inside 2-day workshop Synopsis

During this 2-day creative, fun and interactive workshop you will learn:

How to Get Started:

This can often be the hardest part. You will

  • Define the motivation and purpose behind your book
  • Learn how to research your target market
  • Clear any blocks that may stop you successfully completing your book
  • Experience a visualisation process to embed your goals into your unconscious

How the creative mind works and the creative process:

We often talk about creativity and inspiration as if they just appear from nowhere, but where to they really come from and how can we draw on them whenever we need to? In this part of the course you will learn:

  • How to use whole brain thinking to really unleash your creativity
  • The benefits of understanding and using your conscious, unconscious and higher-self in harmony
  • How to use the collective mind effectively
  • What inspiration really is and how to spot it
  • The model for creativity

The Art of Story Telling:

The workshop includes an abundance of tools and techniques to help you tell your story and really engage with your reader and they include:

  • How to profile your reader before and after they have read your book
  • How to create rapport to make the desired impact
  • How to create the right title, cover and promotional material for your book
  • How to keep your reader engaged while you tell your story
  • How to create and maintain your writing plan
  • A powerful visualisation to create the beginning and end of your book

Publishing your book:

For some people this may be the scariest part of the part that has put them off writing in the first place. Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to explore the different media for publishing your story
  • How to prepare for publication
  • The publishing options available
  • How to create a time plan from inception to publish
  • The benefits of epublishing

Getting to 1st draft:

Now you have your idea and your structure you need to know how to stay the course and get to 1st draft. Here you will learn:

  • Creative exercised to get and stay in the creative zone
  • How to make use of dream times
  • How to keep to schedule
  • How to go with the flow and stay on track
  • How to deal with writers block – reasons and solutions
  • Hints and tips on staying focused and on-track
  • A visualisation to help you achieve success as an author

Entrancing your reader:

What are the secrets to keeping your reader engaged from beginning to end … and wanting more?! Here you will learn:

  • How to embed concepts and constructs at an unconscious level
  • How to use nested loops to entrance your reader, to introduce suspense and to create compulsive page turners
  • How to leave your reader eagerly awaiting the sequel

Resources for Writers:

The accompanying home study course that comes free with the workshop includes a mind map with dynamic links to wide selection of resources for writers on the following topics:

  • DIY, Assisted and Traditional Publishers
  • Literary agents
  • Book technology
  • Book promotion
  • Writers groups and forums

When you book now ……

Places on this workshop are limited and if you are serious about writing your book and need a huge dose of inspiration and expert knowledge then book your place now to ensure you don’t miss out.


Date :           30th September & 1st October 2009

Venue:        The Hurtwood Inn, Peaslake, Surrey GU5 9RR

[accommodation available from £60 per person per night]

Time:            9.45 – 4.30pm both days

Cost             £249.00 incl VAT and lunch, refreshments and course materials but the first 10 of 20 attendees to book can take advantage of the early bird price of £199 incl VAT.

Bonus for this workshop

  • Inspirational writer’s Creative Walk in the evening on the 24th
  • The complete Unleash your Book Inside home study course to take away and dip into whenever you need it
  • A copy of Blocks, Tom’s new ebook with guided visualisations

P.S. And one final note.

If you know you have a book inside you that’s dying to get out but have felt held back in past, now is the time to break through the barriers and learn a whole new set of tools and techniques for unleashing the book inside you.

MakeBook a place today so you can become a published author this year …