How to Channel Your Book Workshop

stevenobelThe Unleash the Book Inside workshop is being run in March as part of the Alternatives programme.

You can listen to a interview about my approach to writing with Steve Nobel.

It’s 30 minutes long and gives an alternative approach to the how and why of writing a book.

You’ll find out gems of wisdom like how getting rid of writer’s block frees up other areas in your life and how not-thinking is the path to the collective consciousness.

You can download and listen to the whole interview here

The workshop ran on Sunday the 22nd March in Central London and this is the feedback from those that attended …


You can see the schedule for the next workshop near you here

If you can’t make a workshop, then it’s available for Home Study anywhere in the world here

Tom also mentors authors who have attended the workshop and taken Home Study course anywhere in the world over Skype