New Unleash the Book Inside workshop dates

a5-sideFollowing the recent success of the Unleash the Book Inside workshop, we are pleased to announce new dates.

See here for the feedback from previous attendees

From its initial inception as a creative writing course, the workshop has now grown into a whole new concept.

Not only do aspiring authors get to learn about the publishing industry but also they will leave with an amazing array of new skills and learning a new way of thinking, being and doing ….

In the workshop, authors will define and design their book structure and their writing, publication and marketing plans. They will also learn the skills of Whole Brain and Whole Mind Thinking.

Tom Evans uses mind maps to get authors to see the world in a whole new way by opening up new neural pathways in their brains.

During the two day course, Tom takes authors on guided visualisations to help them tap into their creative muse.  He also demonstrates where light bulb moments come from and how to tap into them on demand to get your book to virtually write itself.

Tom will also show you the many ways to publish your book for free and how you can develop significant passive revenue streams.

The workshop is running in Surrey on the 30th September & 1st October.

There are only 20 places available and the first 10 people to book get the early bird price and catch the worm …..

If you want to get published IN 2009, this workshop will show you how !!!!

For a workshop synopsis and to book, go to:

… contact me if you are interested in attending

At last a cure for Writer’s Block

Myebook - Wordlube - writer's block removal in 5 days - click here to open my ebook

As part of my author mentoring work in workshops, online and 1-2-1’s, I spend a fair amount of time dealing with writer’s blocks.

For the most stubborn blocks, I use techniques such as hypnosis, past life regression and therapies using time line and releasing karma.

For the run of the mill blockages, less drastic action is needed and I’ve just written an ebook with a set of simple exercises that can be done over a series of 5 days to help authors connect with their creative muse.

My inspiration for this was using a can of WD-4o at the weekend to free up a stubborn padlock in the garden. It got me thinking. What if there was a spray we could use to unstick writers?

Wordlube was born and you can access it for free here on the excellent Myebook platform … the YouTube for writers & publishers …

The book has been out for just a week and this is what people are saying about it already ….

“A very creative piece of work Tom! Imagine what an impact this could have on unleashing creativity. Well done!”

“A fantastic product. Simple, easy to apply, very engaging and transformational. I love it.”

“Four fifths of the new book completed and people waiting! Oh the stress! This is just perfect for taking that nasty flappiness away so we can enjoy the writing process again. You are fab.”

“Really diverse in helping you overcome the “block”. Mind-mapping is the way to go!”

Writer’s block

The causes and cures

There are generally three levels of block encountered by writers and other creatives.

All are relatively easily curable – permanently.

The first type of block you may encounter is where your creative juices temporarily dry up. It can happen on one of your book writing sessions or when you just have to get that sales proposal out or that blog written.

You can sometimes just run out of ideas. Your Creative Muse has left you.

Don’t fret, it happens to all writers.

Just take a break, make a cup of tea or ideally go for a walk. Don’t think about what you are writing, just pay attention to where your consciousness lies. Is it in the front of your head? If so move it back to the centre – to your third eye. Remember to use your dream-time too. These are techniques explained more in the workshop and home study course.

The second type of block is when life just gets in the way.

So you set out with the best of intentions and perhaps things get hectic at work or a problem comes up in your family life or in a relationship. The upshot is that all thoughts of writing go out of the window.

This happens too and, again, don’t fret but do at least two things:

Firstly, think about what learnings you can get from the situation – can you use it as source material perhaps?

Secondly, try to at least keep up a daily writing exercise, like Julia Cameron’s ‘morning pages’ so you keep flexing your writing muscles.

If this doesn’t work and you really do hit a permanent block, again, don’t worry. See it as an opportunity to break an old, unwanted pattern that almost certainly affects others areas in your life.

Sometimes it’s possible to come to a complete grinding halt. You lose faith in what you are doing and why you are doing it. Perhaps the fun has gone from it. Ask yourself if you are running any negative emotions such as: Fear, Anger, Sadness, Hurt or Guilt.

The third type of block is more drastic.

Old gestalts are brought to the fore. The toys are thrown out of the door and the baby goes out with the bath water. You don’t want to ‘play’ anymore.

This is GOOD NEWS, you are coming to the point where you really want things to change but perhaps don’t know how. And do you know what? Something brought you to this site, to this page and a person who can make a permanent and lasting change in your life.

This is probably why you should contact me as I deal with writer’s with blocks all the time with authors all over the world. I use techniques such as time line therapy, brain entrainment, past life regression and good old common sense.

I guarantee I can get you through it and that your life will also take an unexpected new and beneficial turn. The cure will be gentle and enjoyable and probably the best personal development investment you will ever make.

For more insight, check out the article on Overcoming Karmic Challenges

& note that this is one of the major components of our Unleash the Book Inside workshop and Home Study course – details here