Most thoughts aren’t your own …

Find out and experience the difference between internal and external thought by getting one of the last three places at the next Unleash the Book Inside workshop on the 20th & 21st of October – near Guildford, Surrey – UK

You will experience at least three different modes of consciousness and thinking that will transform your world forever … as well as …

… experiencing what happens when you integrate mind maps directly into your neurology

… experiencing the difference between internal and external thought and how to channel

… finding out how you can access all past emotions with detachment and disassociation

… learning how to become inextricably entangled with the future version of yourself who has achieved success as a published author

If you can’t make it, your second best option is to download the home study course

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iMindMap – Mind Mapping for authors

Buzan's iMindMapAs those of you who have attended my workshops or taken the correspondence course know, I am a great fan of Mind Mapping.

For many years, I have used a software programme called Mind Manager from MindJet and it is brilliant with loads of uses. My feeling though is that is mainly a visualisation tool and, as such, it maps the conscious brain not necessarily the mind. I will continue to use it for some business applications.

To build the new Unleash the Book Inside Home Study Course, I thought I’d try Tony Buzan’s iMindMap software – especially as it’s now in version 3 and I have to say that I am a big convert.

Apart from allowing me to generate visually stunning graphics for the course, all the beta testers report that they really understood the concepts I was getting across. It appears that these maps, coupled with the brain entrainment audio I am using, are being integrated at the unconscious mind level – which of course is just great for learning.

Furthermore, people seem to be getting amazing results from using the guided visualisation that embeds the mind map in their neurology. I suspect therefore that the ‘learnings’ are leaking into the minds beyond too.

My view is that for anyone engaged in a creative process, you should seriously consider using iMindMap. As you can get a free trial, there nothing to lose anyway.

And if you purchase the Home Study pack 3, I’ve bundled all the mind maps used in the creation of the courseware.

Get your copy today and become a published author the easy way.

Using Meditation to Unleash the Book Inside

They say there’s a book in everyone but, for most people, the thought of writing a book is so daunting they simply never start. Another reason people don’t pick up their pen is because they think they don’t have the time.

There is a way though. The human mind is so powerful that your book can virtually write itself without your conscious control – and even while you sleep.

The key lies in tapping into the collective consciousness through the practice of regular meditation.

At first, in a time pressured world, adding 10 to 20 minutes of meditation time to your daily schedule is somewhat counter intuitive, especially if you are planning to add the writing a book to your task list as well. Yet by meditating each day for only 10-20 minutes, you learn how ‘not to think’ at all and you start to unleash untapped creativity trapped inside you. Just a week or so is enough to get amazing results and the benefits start to pay back in regained time in all aspects of your life.

Through the practice of quietening the conscious mind you receive your guiding motivation and start to manifest situations and information in your ‘real life’ to assist you in your writing. In time, the whole process becomes effortless and you find that words come to you without you having to make any conscious intervention. At this point, you become a channeller.

This doesn’t mean you are channelling spirits or angels – you can get very specific and with a little training, you can channel your future self and actually find the words you haven’t quite written yet.

I discovered the ability to do this when I started to write a novel a couple of years ago on the latest thinking in cosmology. I had only been meditating for a few months before I started.

My research into the novel inevitably took me into the field of consciousness. It was becoming clear to me that a better model of the Universe was that it existed because of consciousness of all things and not that consciousness was a phenomenon caused by the Universe.

Download the full article here [PDF – 120kB]

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