Voiding Karma

In my work with writers clearing blocks, I am increasingly getting involved with dealing with karma.

It is as if the aspiring writer actually embarks on a project to write their book to expose and address issues in their lives. When they hit a block with their writing and we clear it, a corresponding block in their lives seems to disappear. At the same time, a new perspective is attained which can be used in creative writing – a sort of win-win-win.

Then more learnings and experiences come along – onwards & upwards …

As we approach a new phase in human consciousness, this simple exercise is designed to clear old, unwanted patterns so you can take part in the new vibration  …

This is best done using paper & pen for best results, so click on the mind map above to print out a full size version & list the following:

1. Your goals for the year – and beyond

2. Old habits you want to break

3. Blocks that currently stop you achieving your goals

4. Actions you are going to take

5.  As and when your habits and blocks are removed, make a note on your mind map of what learnings you might get.

6. When the map is completed, use the visualisation Embedding Mind Maps in your Neurology

7.  Next,  put your map on a wall where you can see it daily.  Then forget about your goals, blocks and habits and just take the actions you’ve listed and wait for the abundance to flow


Note if you want to use iMindMap or Mind Manager to complete the map, you can download the templates below – it’s vital you print the map out for best results though …

imm_icon_29 Voiding Karma iMindmap template

mm_icon Voiding Karma Mind Manager template


P.S. the alternative is of course to ignore this blog completely and A-void Karma – these short stories on Six Sentences might add a new perspective …


How writing helps overcome karmic challenges

EvolutionShortly after my first book was published about a year ago, I started mentoring other authors.

After getting over the initial shock of the numbers of people who emerged from apparently nowhere to work with me, I started noticing a common theme and trend emerging.

Ever since reading the Celestine Prophecy, I had been noticing coincidences more and more and paying attention to meta-correlations between groups of coincidences.

Two phenomena seemed to be happening as my clients started to write.

Firstly, they would start to see, and manifest, crystal clear examples of what they were writing about in their lives. It was almost like the Universe spotted what they were writing and presented examples to them to help.

Secondly, they would hit blocks in their lives that would stop them writing completely. Those blocks also seem to be mirrored in what the author was actually writing.

~ ~ ~ ~

The explanation of the first phenomenon is relatively simple. If you can call anything that explains the workings of the human mind as simple, that is.

There is increasing credence for a model of the brain as a holographic transducer which is both the creator and perceiver of the world around it. In this model, the brain is a great pattern recognition system and when it is focused on writing, anything remotely similar will ring a holographic ‘alarm bell’ in its neurology.

Of course, it’s not the Universe creating these examples but actually the writer’s conscious mind noticing ‘stuff’ and creating ‘real life’ examples to help them in their writing.

The Holographic UniverseFor more information on this, I suggest you read Michael Talbot’s excellent book, The Holographic Universe.

~ ~ ~

The second phenomenon presented more of a challenge in order for me to understand it. Imagine my surprise when I found that tackling it has a collateral benefit which exceeded my client’s, and my, initial expectations.

It transpired that the very subjects the writer had chosen to explore were designed so that they could expose and deal with issues of karma.

For more information on karma, see Lisa Turner’s excellent blog here. In essence, karma is not about retribution and balance between good and evil. Like many esoteric concepts, it doesn’t exist but merely acts as a model by which we can understand and expose more about being a spirit in a human body.

Karma essentially ‘a wrapper’ containing information about what a particular incarnation is about.

So what we found was that in every case of writer’s block, it was mirrored by a corresponding and similar blockage somewhere else in their life.

So, to deal with writer’s block, the process was always the same. Identify what the block was, find out where it first manifested itself and release it. This sometimes involved going back into the womb and even into previous lives.

Some amazing learnings were also gained by going back to the “Akashic Records Office“, allegedly where we discuss our life purpose with our soul group – amongst other things. Here we found that the book they were writing, often their first, was full of elements that the writer was destined to learn in this incarnation.

The book was their life and their life the book and the writing of the book itself was an essential part of the writer’s evolution, not just an exercise in vanity publishing.

Unsurprisingly the book was all part of the same hologram – and perhaps that’s why those specific clients found me at that particular time.

Ummh, so what was it I was supposed to learn from this exercise ?

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