Here’s a few tools and utilities you can use to help you write your book.

The Author 2.0 programme

Via Twitter, I met a really inspirational and switched on author’s coach from Australia called Joanna Penn. She’s put together a 12 week programme for published and aspiring authors that shows you how to build your own author platform using the latest ideas and concepts from Web 2.0

It’s definitely something I’ll be using to get my new book, Blocks, out there in July and August

More details here …


Many of the authors I work with find it easier to speak their stories as opposed to writing them. As a big fan of anything that gets around writer’s block, I was pleasantly surprised to come across a fantastic transcription service that sends your words back as text – all driven by human beings.

And, guess what, I ‘met’ them on Twitter too – if you are an author and not on it, you are really missing the wave.

You can listen to the ‘before’ and read the ‘after’ in my review of the service

Unleashing your author’s voice

Really Useful Links
Click here for a hyperlinked mind map of loads of really useful resources for authors and publishers.

Mind Mapping Software

Regular use of mind mapping synchronises both brain hemispheres and really switches on your creativity – it also improves your memory and recall

For creatives, I highly recommend Tony Buzan’s iMindMap

Get a free trial here and start improving your mind today

Meditation aids

Mind SpaIf you have trouble meditating or perhaps want to accelerate your meditation, we highly recommend getting hold of a meditation machine. They are available in the UK with a 30 day money back guarantee from Ivor Murray at Meditations UK. I’ve got a Mind Spa and find it really useful to get into deeper states.

Songs of the Body - Judith SeeligOne of the most powerful aids I have come across recently to awaken your creative muse is this amazing CD from English Shaman, Judith Seelig, called ‘Songs of the Body’.

Buy it, play it and be prepared for your world to change for the better.

You can order it on-line from Judith’s site & while you are there read about her journey and philosophy

How to build an income stream while you sleep

Method 1 is to sign up for the Bookwright’s affiliate scheme – details here

The second method is to build you own ecommerce and affiliate system. We can help you do this and set it up or you can sign up here and do it yourself

Crafting ScenesRecommended reading

Visit the Creativity section of the Bookwright’s Amazon aStore to find a selection of books that will help you craft and edit your book

Books on Creativity and Writing

& why not create your own Amazon aStore?

Find out how on this blog article

and note that you are not limited to selling books

You can sell CD’s, DVD’s, electrical, photographic and the whole range of goods are available

It’s a great way of accruing passive income that you can even use for your own Amazon purchases

Brain Entrainment Sound Samples and Software

If you are in the business of producing audio e-learning products, a great way to get your students to learn is to induce alpha and beta states in their brains.

This is not manipulative or dangerous, it just gets the brain into a learning and creative mode – rather like that of using a meditation machine.

Have a listen to the samples here:

We found this excellent company in the US that produces a whole suite of products that guide the uninitiated on how to produce really professional sounding and acting entrainment audio

Find out more about the products and theory behind it all here

I used these to produce the Unleash the Book Inside correspondence course and guided meditations.

Fotolia is a great source of royalty free photos you can use for your blog, web site or the inside or outside of your books.
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