1st draft of novel finished yesterday

Soulwave front coverIt’s taken 2 years and 8 months, lots of learning and personal development but I have at last got 70,000 or so words into 50 chapters.

It’s now a story that makes sense from beginning to end, all the threads come to some sort of conclusion within our ken and it just about covers all the topics I wanted to talk about …..

The book is entitled Soulwave and deals with cutting edge thinking into cosmology, evolution and our very own consciousness. It was inspired by me reading the Phenomenon of Man by Teilhard de Chardin and makes some pretty hard stuff easy to understand. My aim is to get a message to people who never look up (or down or inside) that there’s more going on that meets the eye.

…. and the 2nd draft starts here !!!

For more about the personal journey I took – see my other blog

Changing your state of mind

The Story of Ermintrude – an interview with the author

One hundred Years of Ermintrude videoThis interview with Tom Evans and reading by Debbie Tarrier was recorded by the amazing Neil Fairbrother of Pod3.tv

It’s hosted on Viddler.com – click the + icon to see how you can dynamically interact with it with your web cam

Watch, listen and enjoy

The spirit of collaboration

An increasing number of people are going it alone, leaving the supposed safety of corporate life and setting up shop by themselves.

Either they practice their corporate skill in a private setting or do something completely tangential like setting up a surf shop or feng shui practice for dog’s kennels.

Either way, working for yourself can be a lonely existence. No water cooler at which to bitch about customers, suppliers or fellow employees. No gossip and no shoulder for support in times of strife.
When you are delivering your product or service, you’re not spinning the sales and marketing plate – and vice versa.

When you come up with that “Great Idea”, you may be daunted by the size and scale of the opportunity. It’s better to have 25% of something big than 100% of something small or non-existent.

Great idea
These are situations where collaboration comes into its own. Collaboration allows small, medium and micro businesses to think and act big.
One such collaboration was a book called BusinessWise that shot to the number 2 position for business books on Amazon when it came out. In itself, it’s a collaboration too – with one chapter each written by 20 authors.
The brain child of Andy Coote and Mindy Gibbins-Klein of Ecademy Press – again a collaborative business that in itself sprang from a rich resource of potential collaborators – the Ecademy social business network.
Here’s what one reader said about it:

“It’s great to get a perspective from so many contributors who write such “easy to understand” yet “extremely informative” words. My favourite chapter is “The Spirit of Collaboration” by Tom Evans. His words of wisdom make so much sense to me . . it almost feels like he knows my own thoughts really well. This is definitely a “MUST BUY” book for anyone with a small business and BIG ambitions. “Karen Maskall, Ecademy

Read this sample chapter and introduction to the book to find out how you can work smart by collaborating.
Download your complimentary copy of The Spirit of Collaboration here

And if you like it and want to read loads more gems of wisdom, buy a copy of the book here