2012 – The Symphony – 4 years to go

2012 ebookFour years from today, something big is going to happen to the Earth and all life on it – including us.

On the winter solstice of the 21st December, 2012, the Mayan Long Count will be – and a cosmic alignment will occur.

Are you ready for this and prepared?

Why is there nothing about it in the news?

Did you know Sony Pictures are spending over $200m on a 2012 film that is coming out next year?


(By the way, their take on it all is ‘potentially’ way of the mark but the truth doesn’t fill cinemas – not yet any way)

Perhaps you’ve heard some rumours, some mention of apocalypse? Indeed the current credit crunch is all part of it.

From my research, it’s clear there’s much hype doing the rounds. What I’ve gleaned is that it appears we’re heading for a transition in global consciousness. It also appears that there are some visionaries who have already taken many preparatory steps as it’s not a switch necessarily but a Gaussian curve with 21/12/12 as a peak.

One such visionary is Angela Clarke who has written an inspiring novel on the subject called 2012: The Symphony.

Although Angela’s crafted an easy-to-read metaphorical story, it’s a pretty accurate and as non-sensational a take you will read on the subject. I highly recommend you get a copy today and start preparing for the transition.

Buy the ebook version here

Buy the paperback from Amazon here

Get in print in 2009

Angela attended the Unleash the Book Inside course only 9 months ago and is now a published author. About it she said,

“It was during the creative process of Tom’s workshop that I crystallised the format of my book. Whilst I had an idea about writing a book about 2012, I had yet to put together the basic plot and how it would work. The process helped me do this quickly and with inspiration!”

If you have a book inside you waiting to get out, come along to our next workshop or, if you can’t wait, download the home study course today …



Workshop Feedback – 6th Feb ’08

I learned so much. I am leaving with everything I came for .. and some! Great day – really inspirational both spiritually and practically. – Heather Spencer

Loved the mind-mapping. Tom’s style is so easy and the day just flowed. Fantastic workshop. Great explanation of inspired ideas following inspired thought and great interaction. – Lis Cashin

Lovely people, lovely food. Lively, happy, creative energy. Good contacts and lasting friends. – Freya Swaffer

Very comprehensive, well researched overview and templates for creating and publishing your book. I’ve never had this much quality information on the subject in one place. Thank you Tom. – Susanne Meis

Information was very useful. I enjoyed the spiritual element and the idea that all books are channeled from the future when they are in print, from you the author or the reader. – Angela Clarke

Learned so much about the Infinite Network, the exercises were insightful and of immediate benefit. Thank you. – Joseph Warmann

I was blown away by the clarity and structure of the workbook and the passion of the presenter for the subject. Such openess, generosity for sharing thoughts, wisdom and insights. – Sue Bottomley

Well structured, useful exercises. I now know I will write 4 books and I will start by developing whitepapers and ebooks. The book was unleashed in me. – Mark Wing

Tom is an inspirational and knowledgeable facilitator. Excellent practical exercises surrounding solid advice. – Vicki Wusche

I came today with a faint idea about a book and left with solid structures to build on. All I need now is the words. – Daniela Horder

Gained some brilliant ideas. Thank you for an insightful and structured day. –

Sandie Tjok-a-Tam

Very good – structure, inspiration, resource book – and interesting people. – Susan Cole

Really made me focus on the vision. Helped me identify realistic strategies and time frames. My initial vision has now evolved into 2 books. – Liz Hawkins

The course exceeded my expectations. The structure of the day was excellent. Working in such a group gave me the inspiration I needed to get started. The workbook was in an extremely useful format. I loved the mind map as they provided an amazing visual effect on my thinking. – Val Tomlin

Excellent balance of structure and creativity. Loads of practical info on how to write and get published. – Jeni Hooper

Inspirational and motivational. Got some good ideas and helpful info on publishing. – Sue Warwick

I want to give you my thanks to you for an incredible workshop yesterday. Today I found myself mind-mapping and starting my first chapter!! (and this is after 38 years of wanting to and never starting to write my book) Just allowing the book to flow, I now find it has a life of it’s own! WOW!! I’m getting really excited as I know that a lifelong dream is now in motion – and I wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for the part you have played. Make space for mine on that bookshelf of yours! – Lis Cashin

It’s more than just the mechanics. I love the way Tom grounds high level concepts. He really does know how to get a message across. When Tom gets going with his “breathing life” talents there is no stopping. What I found so useful is that Tom gave so much more than simply the mechanics of the process – he brought a bit of practical magic to it.
I think there are two levels of workshops. One just gives you the information. The other transforms you in some significant way. Thanks Tom, you transformed my creativity in a way that really does UNLEASH the book inside. Look out for my book by the end of the year. – Dr Lisa Turner

I’m just back from Tom’s excellent ‘Unleash the Book Inside You” event. Tom is a great presenter and has the rare quality of being able to explain abstract, complex concepts in a down-to-earth and easy-to-understand way. The day was just the right mix of Tom talking through ideas and concepts on the one hand, and exteremly useful practical exercises on the other.The exercises asked the right questions to help crystallise your reasons for wanting to write a book, getting into rapport with your readers and actually forming the outline and structure of your book.
I think the event would be a great help not only to people who want to write books, but also to anyone who needs to write creatively – for blogs and newsletter articles, for example. – Ivor Murray

If you want to connect to, and unleash, your true creative potential, then Tom is your man. He’s phenomenal! My life has certainly taken a turn for the better since I met him. Bless you, Tom! – Tina Bettinson

After an illuminating and enjoyable chat with Tom over the phone, I attended his “Unleash the Book within” seminar to support the publishing of my second title for Orangelily. Because of Tom’s unique combination of well-researched, comprehensive and highest calibre information with practical exercises and tips on accessing the higher self, – my husband, a friend of ours and myself left with the highest spirits and ready to follow our newly created maps to publishing paradise. Tom is authentic and entertaining and over delivers on his promises. I look forward to witnessing his big novel flourish. Thank you Tom. – Susanne Meis

At last Tom has started to run his Unleash your Book within workshops!
In the space of one day, he managed to remove all my fear and apprehension about writing, provide solid advice and information about the writing process, understanding your reader and ways to publish, AND enable us to have plenty of creative time.
I left the course feeling passionate about my book – “Tales of a cycling mermaid” and with an outline structure of my chapters!! – Vicki Wusche