Unleash the Book Inside Online Writer’s Home study Course

During this creative and inspirational course you will learn:

How to Get Started This can often be the hardest part. You will

  • Define the motivation and purpose behind your book
  • Learn how to research your target market
  • Clear any blocks that may stop you successfully completing your book
  • Experience a visualisation process to embed your goals into your unconscious

How the creative mind works and the creative process We often talk about creativity and inspiration as if they just appear from nowhere, but where to they really come from and how can we draw on them whenever we need to? In this part of the course you will learn:

  • How to use whole brain thinking to really unleash your creativity
  • The benefits of understanding and using your conscious, unconscious and higher-self in harmony
  • How to use the collective mind effectively
  • What inspiration really is and how to spot it
  • The model for creativity

The Art of Story Telling The workshop includes an abundance of tools and techniques to help you tell your story and really engage with your reader and they include:

  • How to profile your reader before and after they have read your book
  • How to create rapport to make the desired impact
  • How to create the right title, cover and promotional material for your book
  • How to keep your reader engaged while you tell your story
  • How to create and maintain your writing plan
  • A powerful visualisation to create the beginning and end of your book

Publishing your book For some people this may be the scariest part of the part that has put them off writing in the first place. Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to explore the different media for publishing your story
  • How to prepare for publication
  • The publishing options available
  • How to create a time plan from inception to publish
  • The benefits of epublishing

Getting to 1st draft Now you have your idea and your structure you need to know how to stay the course and get to 1st draft. Here you will learn:

  • Creative exercised to get and stay in the creative zone
  • How to make use of dream times
  • How to keep to schedule
  • How to go with the flow and stay on track
  • How to deal with writers block – reasons and solutions
  • Hints and tips on staying focused and on-track
  • A visualisation to help you achieve success as an author

Entrancing your reader What are the secrets to keeping your reader engaged from beginning to end … and wanting more?! Here you will learn:

  • How to embed concepts and constructs at an unconscious level
  • How to use nested loops to entrance your reader, to introduce suspense and to create compulsive page turners
  • How to leave your reader eagerly awaiting the sequel

Resources for Writers The accompanying home study course that comes free with the workshop includes a mind map with dynamic links to wide selection of resources for writers on the following topics:

  • DIY, Assisted and Traditional Publishers
  • Literary agents
  • Book technology
  • Book promotion
  • Writers groups and forums

When you purchase now …… All this for just £69. And if you think that’s too good to be true, for this month only we are offering the complete course for just £49.

AND, if after starting the course you decide you would love to come on the workshop and learn these techniques first hand from the BookWright himself then the complete cost of the home study course can be redeemed against the cost of the workshop – we can’t say fairer than that!

P.S. And one final note. If you know you have a book inside you that’s dying to get out but have felt held back in past, now is the time to break through the barriers and learn a whole new set of tools and techniques for unleashing the book inside you. AND – when you purchase this unique and inspirational product this month you will pay just £49!

You can get it at a credit-crunch busting price today with four guided MP3 visualisations free of charge. Normally £69, Your investment in your first major step towards becoming a published author and learning to write your book the easy way is just £49 [incl VAT]

Get instant access to the course today & note that you can pay with Paypal or all major credit and debit cards.

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Quote Unquote

writerspushAdding quotations to your blog posts and writings can be a great way of adding illumination and giving poignancy to what you are writing.

This site is a brilliantly source of quotes you can use from a wide range of sources

Here’s a load from authors for example


There’s also a selection of RSS feeds of quotes – see to the right – as well as feeds of Today’s Birthdays and Today in History


Have fun, add your favorites below via the comments box … & let me share some of my favorites

“We are not humans on a spiritual journey but spirits on a human journey”
– Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

“This we know. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself. Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons and daughters of the earth. All things are connected. This we know.”
– Chief Seattle

“The only thing you can take with you is your evolution. The only thing you can leave behind is your art.”

– Me, inspired by a few others
[Lisa, Wendy & Arwen, thanks a million]

What can you say in Six Sentences?

Writing is like any exercise, the more you do it, the better you seem to get at it.

I came across a brilliant site recently that is ideal for exercising your Creative Muse. It’s called Six Sentences and takes submissions, posting the best, of short pieces written, well, in Six Sentences.

They also have an excellent Ning community site.

In the Blue Peter tradition, here’s one I submitted earlier – The Power of Six


If you want a real challenge, take the Word of the Day from Dictionary.com and use it as a seed to generate your Six Sentences

Unleash your Book with iMindMap

I have been mind mapping for many years and it has really helped me increase my creativity and productivity – as well as giving me unprecedented clarity over what I am working on.

Although I am comfortable with maintaining my creativity while working on a computer, for many people, the very use of a keyboard, screen and mouse, switches the left brain into dominant mode – thus suppressing the creative right hemisphere.

For this reason, on my workshops and in the Home Study online course, I recommend that, at least, the early maps are done with paper and pen.

Imagine my surprise when I came across the latest version of iMindMap from Tony Buzan. At last, mind mapping software which doesn’t constrain the user to a rigid framework. It uses a clever vector graphics engine so that the map is not limited by the technology or the screen in a rectilinear fashion. As such, it can be introduced much earlier in the creative writing process.

For authors who have taken the Home Study course, if you purchase iMindMap, I will send you a free set of mind map templates to help you plan, execute and manage your book project.

You can get a free trial and purchase iMindMap here

mastertrainerlogo_175Latest News: Nov ’08: I have now qualified as a Master Trainer for the software.

I am running a series of training courses in the South East of England in 2009 – for dates and booking and to find out how to Change Your Mind, click here

For more about Mind Maps work, watch this short video ….

Creative Writing with Meditation Machines

Apocryphally Salvador Dali used to put a spoon under his elbow around siesta time. We he nodded off and it clattered to the floor, he’d awaken and paint what was on ‘his mind’.

Nowadays artists, writers and musicians can use modern technology in the form of Meditation Machines to achieve the same result in a much more controlled manner.

Tom Evans is using meditation machines to teach authors how to get their conscious minds out of the way so that they can tap into their unconscious mind and the collective consciousness.

Many people have experienced this mode of thinking as a light bulb moment. The easiest and cheapest way to tap into so-called light bulb moments is to meditate regularly. For many people though the thought of meditating each day though seems like an anathema in their modern day lives. How can you waste 20-30 minutes of an already busy day?

In actual fact regular meditation makes the rest of your day go so well that you can save hours of time and it has been proven to extend life expectancy too. You will get the time invested back in spade fulls.

That said, many people have trouble getting their mind to be quiet and might not know when they are actually in a deep meditative state. This is where using a  Meditation Machine comes in.

Using a progressive programme of gentle exercises, the user is taken into deeper and deeper states from waking beta to relaxing alpha and deeper theta induction.

In the latter state, where the brain is in theta, the mind is connected with the collective consciousness and creativity just flows.

“Using these techniques, I have got students to come up with the most amazing titles for their books and to get whole chapters as a complete vision in one session,” says Tom. “The resulting productivity is amazing.”

Writer’s block becomes a thing of the past and associated fears of rejection and unworthiness seem to dissipate like magic too as a bonus. Getting better sleep and other health benefits make it a no-brainer.

While it is common for most meditation to occur with eyes closed, the Mind Spa machine also allows you to enter the meditative state with your eyes open. This equivalent state is one you can enter while out walking – but you can be working at your computer at the time on your best seller.

“The brilliant thing about meditation machines is that you can use them at any time during the day for a quick top up or injection of inspiration,” says Tom, “and they are useful for experienced and non-experienced meditators.”

Get a meditation machine today on a 30 day guaranteed money back trial – & I guarantee you won’t be sending it back – http://www.meditations-uk.com/main/choose_meditation_machine.html

This blog was even written just after a meditation light alpha relaxation session.

Writer’s Market Community Site

The people behind excellent Writer’s Market book have launched a fantastic online resource in the form of an online community.

What’s more it’s free to join and packed with loads of useful information for writers, editors, journalists and publishers.

Take the free tour to find out more …

The editor of the book, Caroline Taggart, is the inspirational driving force behind the site and is probably one of the most experienced and helpful people you will meet in the publishing industry.

It’s worth keeping tabs on what she’s writing about in her blog and if you get a chance to hear her speak, grab it with both hands.

& the book is definitely worth having a copy of too and not only is a great directory but has loads of useful articles for both aspiring and experienced writers alike …

… get your copy today

Authonomy – flushing out brightest writing talent

This new writers’ community site from Harper Collins is a breath of fresh air in the publishing world. Hats off to them for a brilliant initiative.

You can submit the draft of your novel to fellow peer and reader review – it’s safe too so no danger you work can be stolen.

The most popular writing get under the spotlight of the Harper Collins team with a view to getting a publishing contract.

At the very least, you get brilliant free feedback and critiques.

There’s also a host of other community features, such as:

authonomy adds brand new features

And did I mention, it’s absolutely free !!