Embedding Mind Maps in your Neurology

This visualisation started life as one of the components of the Unleash the Book Inside workshop and home study course.

In the workshops, I found that the students started to get huge flashes of inspiration when I combined mind mapping with simple simple contemplative and meditative techniques. This version of the visualisation is more generic such that you can use it on any mind map whether hand drawn or computer generated. Note though, if you do use software mind mapping, it’s a good idea to use a print out first. This visualisation takes a mind map and embeds it into your cellular neurology such that two things start to happen.

Firstly, you commit it to memory much better.

Secondly that you become better at noticing coincidences and serendipities associated with elements on the map. For example, if your map contains your goals and ambitions for the year, you start to become luckier. If you are writing a book, you come across information and ideas that help you in ways that seem uncanny.

You can play the visualisation here

An MP3 version comes with the Unleash the Book Inside Home Study course ..


How many million miles have you travelled?

Most people aren’t aware that they are travelling through space faster than a speeding bullet.

Each day you move 24,000 thousand miles even if you are standing still but that’s nothing compared to how far you move in space around the Sun each year – over 500 million miles !!!

I’ve launched an on-line calculator so you can find out how many million miles you’ve travelled since you were born.

Find out how far you’ve travelled here

At last a cure for Writer’s Block

Myebook - Wordlube - writer's block removal in 5 days - click here to open my ebook

As part of my author mentoring work in workshops, online and 1-2-1’s, I spend a fair amount of time dealing with writer’s blocks.

For the most stubborn blocks, I use techniques such as hypnosis, past life regression and therapies using time line and releasing karma.

For the run of the mill blockages, less drastic action is needed and I’ve just written an ebook with a set of simple exercises that can be done over a series of 5 days to help authors connect with their creative muse.

My inspiration for this was using a can of WD-4o at the weekend to free up a stubborn padlock in the garden. It got me thinking. What if there was a spray we could use to unstick writers?

Wordlube was born and you can access it for free here on the excellent Myebook platform … the YouTube for writers & publishers …


The book has been out for just a week and this is what people are saying about it already ….

“A very creative piece of work Tom! Imagine what an impact this could have on unleashing creativity. Well done!”

“A fantastic product. Simple, easy to apply, very engaging and transformational. I love it.”

“Four fifths of the new book completed and people waiting! Oh the stress! This is just perfect for taking that nasty flappiness away so we can enjoy the writing process again. You are fab.”

“Really diverse in helping you overcome the “block”. Mind-mapping is the way to go!”

Unleash the Book Inside Online Writer’s Home study Course

During this creative and inspirational course you will learn:

How to Get Started This can often be the hardest part. You will

  • Define the motivation and purpose behind your book
  • Learn how to research your target market
  • Clear any blocks that may stop you successfully completing your book
  • Experience a visualisation process to embed your goals into your unconscious

How the creative mind works and the creative process We often talk about creativity and inspiration as if they just appear from nowhere, but where to they really come from and how can we draw on them whenever we need to? In this part of the course you will learn:

  • How to use whole brain thinking to really unleash your creativity
  • The benefits of understanding and using your conscious, unconscious and higher-self in harmony
  • How to use the collective mind effectively
  • What inspiration really is and how to spot it
  • The model for creativity

The Art of Story Telling The workshop includes an abundance of tools and techniques to help you tell your story and really engage with your reader and they include:

  • How to profile your reader before and after they have read your book
  • How to create rapport to make the desired impact
  • How to create the right title, cover and promotional material for your book
  • How to keep your reader engaged while you tell your story
  • How to create and maintain your writing plan
  • A powerful visualisation to create the beginning and end of your book

Publishing your book For some people this may be the scariest part of the part that has put them off writing in the first place. Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to explore the different media for publishing your story
  • How to prepare for publication
  • The publishing options available
  • How to create a time plan from inception to publish
  • The benefits of epublishing

Getting to 1st draft Now you have your idea and your structure you need to know how to stay the course and get to 1st draft. Here you will learn:

  • Creative exercised to get and stay in the creative zone
  • How to make use of dream times
  • How to keep to schedule
  • How to go with the flow and stay on track
  • How to deal with writers block – reasons and solutions
  • Hints and tips on staying focused and on-track
  • A visualisation to help you achieve success as an author

Entrancing your reader What are the secrets to keeping your reader engaged from beginning to end … and wanting more?! Here you will learn:

  • How to embed concepts and constructs at an unconscious level
  • How to use nested loops to entrance your reader, to introduce suspense and to create compulsive page turners
  • How to leave your reader eagerly awaiting the sequel

Resources for Writers The accompanying home study course that comes free with the workshop includes a mind map with dynamic links to wide selection of resources for writers on the following topics:

  • DIY, Assisted and Traditional Publishers
  • Literary agents
  • Book technology
  • Book promotion
  • Writers groups and forums

When you purchase now …… All this for just £69. And if you think that’s too good to be true, for this month only we are offering the complete course for just £49.

AND, if after starting the course you decide you would love to come on the workshop and learn these techniques first hand from the BookWright himself then the complete cost of the home study course can be redeemed against the cost of the workshop – we can’t say fairer than that!

P.S. And one final note. If you know you have a book inside you that’s dying to get out but have felt held back in past, now is the time to break through the barriers and learn a whole new set of tools and techniques for unleashing the book inside you. AND – when you purchase this unique and inspirational product this month you will pay just £49!

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