How to Channel Your Book Workshop

stevenobelThe Unleash the Book Inside workshop is being run in March as part of the Alternatives programme.

You can listen to a interview about my approach to writing with Steve Nobel.

It’s 30 minutes long and gives an alternative approach to the how and why of writing a book.

You’ll find out gems of wisdom like how getting rid of writer’s block frees up other areas in your life and how not-thinking is the path to the collective consciousness.

You can download and listen to the whole interview here

The workshop ran on Sunday the 22nd March in Central London and this is the feedback from those that attended …


You can see the schedule for the next workshop near you here

If you can’t make a workshop, then it’s available for Home Study anywhere in the world here

Tom also mentors authors who have attended the workshop and taken Home Study course anywhere in the world over Skype

Unleash the Book Inside 2-day workshop Synopsis

During this 2-day creative, fun and interactive workshop you will learn:

How to Get Started:

This can often be the hardest part. You will

  • Define the motivation and purpose behind your book
  • Learn how to research your target market
  • Clear any blocks that may stop you successfully completing your book
  • Experience a visualisation process to embed your goals into your unconscious

How the creative mind works and the creative process:

We often talk about creativity and inspiration as if they just appear from nowhere, but where to they really come from and how can we draw on them whenever we need to? In this part of the course you will learn:

  • How to use whole brain thinking to really unleash your creativity
  • The benefits of understanding and using your conscious, unconscious and higher-self in harmony
  • How to use the collective mind effectively
  • What inspiration really is and how to spot it
  • The model for creativity

The Art of Story Telling:

The workshop includes an abundance of tools and techniques to help you tell your story and really engage with your reader and they include:

  • How to profile your reader before and after they have read your book
  • How to create rapport to make the desired impact
  • How to create the right title, cover and promotional material for your book
  • How to keep your reader engaged while you tell your story
  • How to create and maintain your writing plan
  • A powerful visualisation to create the beginning and end of your book

Publishing your book:

For some people this may be the scariest part of the part that has put them off writing in the first place. Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to explore the different media for publishing your story
  • How to prepare for publication
  • The publishing options available
  • How to create a time plan from inception to publish
  • The benefits of epublishing

Getting to 1st draft:

Now you have your idea and your structure you need to know how to stay the course and get to 1st draft. Here you will learn:

  • Creative exercised to get and stay in the creative zone
  • How to make use of dream times
  • How to keep to schedule
  • How to go with the flow and stay on track
  • How to deal with writers block – reasons and solutions
  • Hints and tips on staying focused and on-track
  • A visualisation to help you achieve success as an author

Entrancing your reader:

What are the secrets to keeping your reader engaged from beginning to end … and wanting more?! Here you will learn:

  • How to embed concepts and constructs at an unconscious level
  • How to use nested loops to entrance your reader, to introduce suspense and to create compulsive page turners
  • How to leave your reader eagerly awaiting the sequel

Resources for Writers:

The accompanying home study course that comes free with the workshop includes a mind map with dynamic links to wide selection of resources for writers on the following topics:

  • DIY, Assisted and Traditional Publishers
  • Literary agents
  • Book technology
  • Book promotion
  • Writers groups and forums

When you book now ……

Places on this workshop are limited and if you are serious about writing your book and need a huge dose of inspiration and expert knowledge then book your place now to ensure you don’t miss out.


Date :           30th September & 1st October 2009

Venue:        The Hurtwood Inn, Peaslake, Surrey GU5 9RR

[accommodation available from £60 per person per night]

Time:            9.45 – 4.30pm both days

Cost             £249.00 incl VAT and lunch, refreshments and course materials but the first 10 of 20 attendees to book can take advantage of the early bird price of £199 incl VAT.

Bonus for this workshop

  • Inspirational writer’s Creative Walk in the evening on the 24th
  • The complete Unleash your Book Inside home study course to take away and dip into whenever you need it
  • A copy of Blocks, Tom’s new ebook with guided visualisations

P.S. And one final note.

If you know you have a book inside you that’s dying to get out but have felt held back in past, now is the time to break through the barriers and learn a whole new set of tools and techniques for unleashing the book inside you.

MakeBook a place today so you can become a published author this year …

How to remove writer’s block in two days

The Book InsideBudding authors in Guildford are invited to join a unique workshop which promises to give them the tools to start their book within two days, and help kick-start a new career as a published author.

The innovative workshop, Unleash the Book Inside You, is being delivered for the fifth time in the area by author, poet and mentor Tom Evans on the 20-21st October in Guildford.

Tom created this successful workshop with the aim of helping would-be authors overcome some of the commonest obstacles to launching their career, the difficulty focusing the mind and the dreaded writer’s block.

Tom said, “They say there’s a book in everyone but, for most people, the thought of writing their best seller is so daunting they simply never start. Another reason people don’t pick up their pen is because they think they simply don’t have the time. There is a way though. The human mind is so powerful that your book can virtually write itself without your conscious control.”

He became fascinated with the phenomena of the ‘light bulb moment’ which set him on the creative road to publishing success. As an engineer, he started to research where they came from and how the mind generates them.

With what he then learned, he discovered how he can teach others so they can tap into those precious and magical ‘light bulb moments’.

He said, “The key to getting your book to write itself is to engage in “whole brain thinking”. Tom uses mind maps extensively to help authors synchronise both brain hemispheres. The left hemisphere is great at being logical and saying things like “don’t be stupid, you don’t have time to write a book and who would be interested in reading it anyway?”

“By mind mapping, this logical left hemisphere is kept happy as it has a structure to deal with. The right hemisphere can then unleash its creative juices while the left is kept busy. “

“With both hemispheres working in harmony, authors are then helped even further by introducing them to guided meditations to quieten the conscious mind and give them access to their unconscious.”

With the whole mind working in harmony, Tom then weaves some more magic to get the authors to tap into inspiration.

The whole process, which can sometimes include techniques such as Time Line Therapy and even Past Life Regression, helps authors find their guiding motivation, book title, plot lines and ‘words that write themselves.

The positive feedback to date for the course has been outstanding.

One client summed up the experience thus, “There is no other way to write a book. Tom injects a certain magic to the whole process. From thinking I couldn’t write a book to suddenly finding the words flowing was fantastic. An excellent balance of structure and creativity. Loads of practical info on how to write and get published.”

Details and registration here

Note that the workshop is also available as a correspondence course at the same price – and the course can of course be taken anywhere in the world.

Embedding Personal Timelines in Mind Maps

Each of us operates in a three dimensional world. Our sense of up and down, backwards and forwards and left and right is embedded deep in our neurology and something we share with most of the animal kingdom. In evolutionary terms.

This sense must have evolved millions of years ago, probably in sea life that had more need for a 3-D map of the world than us land based creatures.

With the appearance of our conscious minds and our self awareness, a sense of time emerged that was not just linked to the diurnal rising of the Sun and Moon or the seasons. It’s probable that this facility is just a million or so years old. The fact that ancient astronomers could make amazing forward predictions like predicting the precession of the equinoxes means that is must have been fairly advanced by the time we came down from the trees. It’s possible that homo sapiens is alone in having this facility but perhaps a sense of the future, and the past, is something we share with elephants and cetaceans. This is a sense of time not to be confused with your dog simply wanting to go for a walk.

TimelinesWe not only have this sense of time but it appears we map it into our spatial dimensions. If you close your eyes and imagine where your past is, you are likely to say either behind or to the left of you. Or somewhere between, perhaps pointing downwards or upwards too or even in a three dimensional cone. Likewise, most people say that their future is to the front or right of them. Note that other strange spiral or reversed timelines also crop up.

Several therapeutic techniques, such as Timeline Therapy®, make use of this phenomenon. You can take a person back into their past to help clear current emotional issues relating to past experiences. Psychological trauma also occurs while in the womb. If the therapist is so trained, this doesn’t even have to be limited solely to this lifetime.

Likewise, you can take a client into the future, get them to anchor the feeling of achieving a goal or success and then bring them back to the present. This seems to somehow entangle the present with the future and help people reach said goal. Amazing transformations can be made by a skilled practitioner using these techniques.

In our writing workshop and home study course, we make use of the tendency of the brain to encode time into our spatial awareness when constructing any time-based mind maps.

For example, when an author needs to change their schedule to generate time (or is it space?) to write, we find it useful to put the goals and change in behaviour into the position on the map corresponding with their future and past as seen in their personal timeline.

Using our visualisation techniques, the resulting map seems to embed itself into not only the memory, as all maps do, but into the neurology actually encouraging the behavioural change necessary to generate quality writing time.


Other map layouts suit other time based activities. For example, if you are project planning a sequence of milestones, where there is no real emotional context, a clock face map seems easy to commit to memory.

For details of our writing workshops and home study courses, click here

Want to know the art & science behind light bulb moments?

It’s somewhat ironic that Edison, who invented the light bulb by trying 10,000 or so possible filaments, probably didn’t know this particular secret. If he did, he could have saved himself a lot of time.

Have you ever woken up one day and had a light bulb moment – perhaps with a brilliant idea for a book you’d like to write? Have you then been daunted by the thought of the prospect you’d actually have to write it?

Imagine then if you knew how to continually tap into even more light bulb moments on demand such that the ideas you have for the book and the words in it are just right first time. Couldn’t you save yourself loads of time, sweat and tears?

Well, you can learn the secrets behind how to do this on my one day workshop and my 1-2-1 correspondence course to Unleash the Book Inside.

I have been swamped with ideas since I was a child and recently have tapped into the source of all ideas AND how I can teach others to do just the same – doing this for others was even one of my own light bulb moments !

So, if you want to write a book and you are faced with the challenge of not knowing where to start and with the fear that your inspirational flow might dry up, then the Unleash the Book Inside workshop and correspondence course is for you.

Details and registration to the next workshop here

and details on the 1-2-1 correspondence course that you can take anywhere on the planet, with a ‘phone line here

Note, if you’ve started a book already and are stuck, give me a call too … I can definitely help you

Here’s what previous clients and attendees said :
“I attended Tom’s workshop today expecting a course about the mechanics of writing. What I got was even better which was the mechanics of inspiration! Tom showed us how to think about writing but also how to stop thinking about it and start doing it! It has inspired me to action! If you want to write a book or even just write regular articles then I thoroughly recommend it.” – Richard White

“There is no other way to write a book. Tom injects a certain magic to the whole process.”

“Tom is able to communicate complex ideas and theories in an extremely engaging fashion. Budding authors will find Tom inspiring.”

“This is cutting edge thinking about how our minds work but presented in an easily digestible manner.”

“Really thought provoking, reinforcing the importance of meditation.”

“His insights, intuition and inspiration are invaluable – from thinking I couldn’t write a book to suddenly finding the words flowing was fantastic. Tom has an amazing way of seeing the things that you don’t see during the writing process, which helps unblock those ‘writers block’ moments.” – Jo Simpson, Dubai

“He mentors you in assembling your material in the best way possible, leading to the addition of dimensions that you had not even thought of yet. I now have restored belief in my writing ability and creativity.”

The Bookwright on Ask the Expert, Talk 107 – 9th June

Talk 107Prior to the next Unleash the Book Inside workshop in Edinburgh on the 10th June, The Bookwright will be on Talk 107 radio on the 9th June at midday.

He will be answering questions on how it is easier than ever to become a published author nowadays and how, by unleashing the latent power in your unconscious mind, your book can easily write itself.

With the techniques people learn, writers’ block becomes a thing of the past.

You can listen to the broadcast anywhere in the world online here on Talk 107’s Live Player.

TALK 107 COMPETITION: Go to and sign up to the Bookwright newsletter and you will get to watch or listen for free to the first in the trilogy of stories. Send your answer of what year Ermintrude was when Tristan was born to, with your name, phone number and address and the first three correct answers will get a free signed copy of 100 Years of Ermintrude.

and note that there are still a few places left at the Unleash the Book Inside workshop the day after on the 10th which is being held at The Melting Pot, 5 Rose St, Edinburgh from 9:45 to 4:30pm

For more information, call Jackie Walker on 0131 441 3078 or Tom Evans on 07974 407711
& note that we’re back at our regular venue in Guildford on the 18th June

Come along to find out why people are saying things like:

“There is no other way to write a book. Tom injects a certain magic to the whole process. His insights, intuition and inspiration are invaluable – from thinking I couldn’t write a book to suddenly finding the words flowing was fantastic.”

“This is cutting edge thinking about how our minds work but presented in an easily digestible manner.”

“Really made me focus on the vision. It helped me identify realistic strategies and time frames. My initial vision has now evolved into two books.”

“The course exceeded my expectations. The structure of the day was excellent. I loved the mind maps as they provided an amazing visual effect on my thinking.”

“Tom has an amazing way of seeing the things that you don’t see during the writing process, which helps unblock those ‘writers block’ moments. He mentors you in assembling your material in the best way possible, leading to the addition of dimensions that you had not even thought of yet. I now have restored belief in my writing ability and creativity.”

102 Years of Rhoda

This is the latest collaborative poem with a stanza each from the minds and pens of each of the attendees of the Unleash the Book Inside Workshop – this one saw the light of day in Guildford on the 16th April.

A big thank you to all the attendees for lending your cumulative life experiences to make such a composite, and fun, life story – you are now all officially published authors.

1 year old

12 months old, 150 degrees, on a camel

What re we doing in the Negev, dressed in flannel

At least this time we’ve kept our clothes on

Naturist antics in the Sun would burn

3 years old

Rhoda, Rhoda, show us your leg

To stop us having to beg

But you are only a child

So please don’t go wild

5 years old

Rhoda, Rhoda, high in the tree

From your vantage, what do you see?

No care in the world at 5 years old

The future, the future, what will it hold?

10 years old

Rhoda dancing and prancing

Changing her mind

Being awkward

Not being cute

Who am I?

15 years old

Birthday cake, candles, 15

Young Rhoda smiled and felt serene

Last night at the village dance

She saw a man remove his pants ..

18 years old

Eighteen was the time I became more advanced

Sneaked a peak at John Cleese in his underpants

Learned to write poems and even ride a horse

Kept myself busy with a correspondence course

21 years old

As twenty one approaches fast

And choices for Uni study passed

Attention towards a future role unfurled

Visions of motherhood and being a girl

Passing into reality … becoming true

So the years and events taught her what she knew!

30 years old

Simon’s in trouble, found picking fruit

Gone of the Beatle in court in a suit

Went on vacation, Goa’s the place

Rode on a camel – a smile on it’s face

40 years old

Rhoda, Rhoda, so strong and petit

You would have smiled at John’s son’s, practically Chinese

A mind full of knowledge and experience to match

To tackle an International would have been a great catch

50 years old

Who said life begins at forty

I can still think pretty naughty

Just because I’m knocking fifty

I’d still love to tackle Andy Ripley

60 years old

Some memories now are so clouded & so dim

That baby showed much promise – what happened to him?

Why didn’t I go to Paris? Why didn’t I live in France?

What stopped me, why was I so afraid to take the chance?

70 years old

I, Rhoda, am now seventy

And you would have thought I have learned a-plenty

But to you the only wisdom I can bring

Is that, always remember, thoughts become things

80 years old

Rhoda, so worldly, so wise

Sprung a french speaking naturists’ surprise

Which was a bit near the knuckle

Because it involved Andy Ripley’s tackle

90 years old

Well what a year for a ninety year old whatsit

I even made Twickers in full rugby kit

Then got to sing in the massed WI choir

In the Royal Albert Hall, never sang higher

100 years old

A telegram arrived today

The Queen had really made my day

I wonder if she’s be quite so chatty

If she knew I was a part-time naturist – and batty

102 years old

At a hundred and two, a new lease of life

She may be crinkly but still sharp as a knife

She rode on a camel and had a bundle of fun

“I want to these things while I’m still young”

In honour and homage to Rhoda, may she rest in peace or be back on this or another planet having another life experience .All references to Andy Ripley are made in good spirit and the context is completely ficticious and in no way refers to any real Andy Ripley, living or dead.

If you enjoyed this poem, you might like to read

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and even get a signed copy of the book that started it all – 100 Years of Ermintrude

Do you want to experience what it’s like to work collaboratively like this and how when your conscious mind gets out of the way the words just flow? This is just one of the fun exercises we do on the Unleash the Book Inside workshop –

Check out our workshop schedule here –