Now you’re Twalking

Progress on my new book on writer’s block got blocked somewhat this week because of the Twalk (i.e. Twitter Netwalk) we ran on Wednesday. The buzz it created is still rippling around the TwitterSphere – next one planned very soon

Back in writing harness now & so looking forward to using Twitter to promote it now I understand it some more.

You can read a couple of press stories about it online here

GetSurrey Review here

& click on the image below for a larger version

And a big thanks to Richard Pain of the Surrey Ad for such a well written account of the day ….

Want to write a book & get published in 2009?


So you’ve always wanted to write a book.

Perhaps you don’t think you have the time or the talent.

Perhaps you think it’s well nigh impossible to get published.

Well in just two days in a luxurious and stunning environment in the Surrey Hills, this is what you will come away with:

  • An intimate knowledge of the publishing industry
  • The four routes to successful publishing
  • The start and ending of your book
  • A detailed mind map of its structure
  • Knowing how to write from a reader-centric perspective
  • Learning how to write while in a meditative state
  • Finding out how to synchronise your left and right brain
  • Finding out how to silence your inner critic
  • A strong connection to the superconsciousness
  • Any writer’s blocks blown away
  • Knowing how to entrance your reader & write a page turner
  • Several new life long friends and connections
  • A writing buddy

Check out the dates for the next Unleash the Book Inside workshop here