‘Hand in Hand’ children’s book publishing

splodgeSplodge Publishing is now working with The Bookwright to bring a new and fresh approach to authors of books for children.

Splodge Publishing is now looking for new authors who wish to publish their children’s books a different way.  Unlike most other publishing houses who deal with authors wishing to self publish, Splodge are very happy to commit their time, money and resources into your project. Providing your material fits with our overall ethos they will happily consider giving you their full commitment.

Self-publishing usually means that authors design, print and market their books at their own expense.

So what is the difference with ‘Hand in Hand’ publishing?

Well it’s basically an agreement to make a commitment, together with you, to produce your work to the highest standard that it can be, and to give it as much time and energy as it needs to make it as successful as possible. Your part is to write the book and, in terms of monetary outlay, to pay for the design and print costs.  Splodge, in turn, will pay for all the rest of the production costs and all the post production marketing and distribution.

Why do Splodge want to do this?

Well firstly because they are actively trying to increase our product range and are looking for new writers, but also we are a fairly small company without millions behind them.  What they do have behind them though, is ethics and passion, time and skill.  So they ask you to cover the printing and design costs and they will do everything else including actively marketing your product by picking up the phone and letting people know that your product is ‘out there’.  They are a small company with a big mission. They understand that there are new authors out there with beautiful, channeled material that need representing and they are happy to look at everything submitted to us providing it meets our criteria – which is:

To educate and inspire children.  To teach them about issues which will help them grow into happy well-rounded adults.

With subjects such as:


The environment




Writing a book (especially one with a wonderful message) and seeing it produced is both a challenging and exciting adventure – but it’s also complicated with a lot of admin and leg work – that’s why Splodge are here to help you along the way.  There must be nothing worse then putting your heart and soul into a project and then allowing it to be produced by a company which has no moral ethics, doesn’t care about the subject matter and is only interested in taking your money.

That’s why Splodge are different – because they want to make a difference!

To submit your work please send a covering email

with your manuscript to:


and for more details, visit:


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