Creative Writing with Meditation Machines

Apocryphally Salvador Dali used to put a spoon under his elbow around siesta time. We he nodded off and it clattered to the floor, he’d awaken and paint what was on ‘his mind’.

Nowadays artists, writers and musicians can use modern technology in the form of Meditation Machines to achieve the same result in a much more controlled manner.

Tom Evans is using meditation machines to teach authors how to get their conscious minds out of the way so that they can tap into their unconscious mind and the collective consciousness.

Many people have experienced this mode of thinking as a light bulb moment. The easiest and cheapest way to tap into so-called light bulb moments is to meditate regularly. For many people though the thought of meditating each day though seems like an anathema in their modern day lives. How can you waste 20-30 minutes of an already busy day?

In actual fact regular meditation makes the rest of your day go so well that you can save hours of time and it has been proven to extend life expectancy too. You will get the time invested back in spade fulls.

That said, many people have trouble getting their mind to be quiet and might not know when they are actually in a deep meditative state. This is where using a  Meditation Machine comes in.

Using a progressive programme of gentle exercises, the user is taken into deeper and deeper states from waking beta to relaxing alpha and deeper theta induction.

In the latter state, where the brain is in theta, the mind is connected with the collective consciousness and creativity just flows.

“Using these techniques, I have got students to come up with the most amazing titles for their books and to get whole chapters as a complete vision in one session,” says Tom. “The resulting productivity is amazing.”

Writer’s block becomes a thing of the past and associated fears of rejection and unworthiness seem to dissipate like magic too as a bonus. Getting better sleep and other health benefits make it a no-brainer.

While it is common for most meditation to occur with eyes closed, the Mind Spa machine also allows you to enter the meditative state with your eyes open. This equivalent state is one you can enter while out walking – but you can be working at your computer at the time on your best seller.

“The brilliant thing about meditation machines is that you can use them at any time during the day for a quick top up or injection of inspiration,” says Tom, “and they are useful for experienced and non-experienced meditators.”

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This blog was even written just after a meditation light alpha relaxation session.

Writer’s Market Community Site

The people behind excellent Writer’s Market book have launched a fantastic online resource in the form of an online community.

What’s more it’s free to join and packed with loads of useful information for writers, editors, journalists and publishers.

Take the free tour to find out more …

The editor of the book, Caroline Taggart, is the inspirational driving force behind the site and is probably one of the most experienced and helpful people you will meet in the publishing industry.

It’s worth keeping tabs on what she’s writing about in her blog and if you get a chance to hear her speak, grab it with both hands.

& the book is definitely worth having a copy of too and not only is a great directory but has loads of useful articles for both aspiring and experienced writers alike …

… get your copy today

Authonomy – flushing out brightest writing talent

This new writers’ community site from Harper Collins is a breath of fresh air in the publishing world. Hats off to them for a brilliant initiative.

You can submit the draft of your novel to fellow peer and reader review – it’s safe too so no danger you work can be stolen.

The most popular writing get under the spotlight of the Harper Collins team with a view to getting a publishing contract.

At the very least, you get brilliant free feedback and critiques.

There’s also a host of other community features, such as:

authonomy adds brand new features

And did I mention, it’s absolutely free !!

Writer’s block

The causes and cures

There are generally three levels of block encountered by writers and other creatives.

All are relatively easily curable – permanently.

The first type of block you may encounter is where your creative juices temporarily dry up. It can happen on one of your book writing sessions or when you just have to get that sales proposal out or that blog written.

You can sometimes just run out of ideas. Your Creative Muse has left you.

Don’t fret, it happens to all writers.

Just take a break, make a cup of tea or ideally go for a walk. Don’t think about what you are writing, just pay attention to where your consciousness lies. Is it in the front of your head? If so move it back to the centre – to your third eye. Remember to use your dream-time too. These are techniques explained more in the workshop and home study course.

The second type of block is when life just gets in the way.

So you set out with the best of intentions and perhaps things get hectic at work or a problem comes up in your family life or in a relationship. The upshot is that all thoughts of writing go out of the window.

This happens too and, again, don’t fret but do at least two things:

Firstly, think about what learnings you can get from the situation – can you use it as source material perhaps?

Secondly, try to at least keep up a daily writing exercise, like Julia Cameron’s ‘morning pages’ so you keep flexing your writing muscles.

If this doesn’t work and you really do hit a permanent block, again, don’t worry. See it as an opportunity to break an old, unwanted pattern that almost certainly affects others areas in your life.

Sometimes it’s possible to come to a complete grinding halt. You lose faith in what you are doing and why you are doing it. Perhaps the fun has gone from it. Ask yourself if you are running any negative emotions such as: Fear, Anger, Sadness, Hurt or Guilt.

The third type of block is more drastic.

Old gestalts are brought to the fore. The toys are thrown out of the door and the baby goes out with the bath water. You don’t want to ‘play’ anymore.

This is GOOD NEWS, you are coming to the point where you really want things to change but perhaps don’t know how. And do you know what? Something brought you to this site, to this page and a person who can make a permanent and lasting change in your life.

This is probably why you should contact me as I deal with writer’s with blocks all the time with authors all over the world. I use techniques such as time line therapy, brain entrainment, past life regression and good old common sense.

I guarantee I can get you through it and that your life will also take an unexpected new and beneficial turn. The cure will be gentle and enjoyable and probably the best personal development investment you will ever make.

For more insight, check out the article on Overcoming Karmic Challenges

& note that this is one of the major components of our Unleash the Book Inside workshop and Home Study course – details here

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How writing helps overcome karmic challenges

EvolutionShortly after my first book was published about a year ago, I started mentoring other authors.

After getting over the initial shock of the numbers of people who emerged from apparently nowhere to work with me, I started noticing a common theme and trend emerging.

Ever since reading the Celestine Prophecy, I had been noticing coincidences more and more and paying attention to meta-correlations between groups of coincidences.

Two phenomena seemed to be happening as my clients started to write.

Firstly, they would start to see, and manifest, crystal clear examples of what they were writing about in their lives. It was almost like the Universe spotted what they were writing and presented examples to them to help.

Secondly, they would hit blocks in their lives that would stop them writing completely. Those blocks also seem to be mirrored in what the author was actually writing.

~ ~ ~ ~

The explanation of the first phenomenon is relatively simple. If you can call anything that explains the workings of the human mind as simple, that is.

There is increasing credence for a model of the brain as a holographic transducer which is both the creator and perceiver of the world around it. In this model, the brain is a great pattern recognition system and when it is focused on writing, anything remotely similar will ring a holographic ‘alarm bell’ in its neurology.

Of course, it’s not the Universe creating these examples but actually the writer’s conscious mind noticing ‘stuff’ and creating ‘real life’ examples to help them in their writing.

The Holographic UniverseFor more information on this, I suggest you read Michael Talbot’s excellent book, The Holographic Universe.

~ ~ ~

The second phenomenon presented more of a challenge in order for me to understand it. Imagine my surprise when I found that tackling it has a collateral benefit which exceeded my client’s, and my, initial expectations.

It transpired that the very subjects the writer had chosen to explore were designed so that they could expose and deal with issues of karma.

For more information on karma, see Lisa Turner’s excellent blog here. In essence, karma is not about retribution and balance between good and evil. Like many esoteric concepts, it doesn’t exist but merely acts as a model by which we can understand and expose more about being a spirit in a human body.

Karma essentially ‘a wrapper’ containing information about what a particular incarnation is about.

So what we found was that in every case of writer’s block, it was mirrored by a corresponding and similar blockage somewhere else in their life.

So, to deal with writer’s block, the process was always the same. Identify what the block was, find out where it first manifested itself and release it. This sometimes involved going back into the womb and even into previous lives.

Some amazing learnings were also gained by going back to the “Akashic Records Office“, allegedly where we discuss our life purpose with our soul group – amongst other things. Here we found that the book they were writing, often their first, was full of elements that the writer was destined to learn in this incarnation.

The book was their life and their life the book and the writing of the book itself was an essential part of the writer’s evolution, not just an exercise in vanity publishing.

Unsurprisingly the book was all part of the same hologram – and perhaps that’s why those specific clients found me at that particular time.

Ummh, so what was it I was supposed to learn from this exercise ?