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Souls touch
Souls move
Souls love
Touching Souls

Waves roll
Waves break
Waves swell
Rolling Waves

From a single point
Beginning and ending
Massless, chargeless
Gravity unbending

Across countless aeons
Full of insight
Travelling the Field
Faster than light

Karmically formed
Purpose unspoken
Once attached
Cannot be broken

Outside Space
Inside Time
Entangled for reasons
Balanced in rhyme

© Tom Evans 2007

5 Responses

  1. […] It is Thought that is holding our four dimensions together and the Thought comes from higher realms of consciousness and awareness manifested through matter. So all matter has a consciousness and the bigger and denser the matter, like stars and planets, the deeper and higher the wisdom. More on this in the novel which incidentally is called Soulwave. […]

  2. What helpful info and I will continue to check with you often. I have subscribed and do hope you will check out my Blog…you will be amazed at our similarities.

    In gratitude, Maya Christobel

  3. I will be sending other writers to you blog on coaching. Thank you. Maya Christobel

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