Using a blog to test market your book

In my opinion, if you are blogging – or at least blogging articles and thought pieces – you are a published author.

Perfect Living Now logoYou can take this to its logical and “green” conclusion and actually publish a whole book as a blog – Steven King has done so as have others that have subsequently ended up in print.

As an example and exercise on my own part, here’s my attempt at it – Perfect Living Now is a book in preparation and testing – here’s a few sample chapters in a blog

Your thoughts and comments as always much appreciated

Perfect Living Now – is it a blog or is it a book ?

Also see this post on people who are printing on demand straight from blogs –

2 Responses

  1. Do you have a post or tips on copyrighting work published online? I would love to start posting chapters of the new book I am writing, but am a little afraid… that, and what happens when it’s sold, are their any issues if it has already been out for consumption?

  2. I have to say that I second the last comment. I have had such fun writing, imagining the happy person reading it, set up my blogsite to receive the first installment or excerpt and come to a grounding halt. Help!
    Avia –

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