100 Years of Marion

One of the fun things we do at our writing workshops is an exercise in collaborative writing

We take a subject, sprinkle in some real life experiences and each participant writes a bit.

We tried this out earlier this year based on the format of 100 Years of Ermintrude and this was the result …

100 Years of Marion

100 years old

She thinks she’s reached her ton

She can’t be bothered counting though

Too many old folks to visit today

Someone at Buck House ought to know

90 years old

Marion’s 90 and still going strong

Like a bird singing an endless song

She faces new challenges every day

And rises to them all, come what may

80 years old

The other day, I turned eighty

I’m beginning to miss sex greatly

So I contacted my daughter

& we discussed what I ought to

70 years old

Marion had a lie in today

So she’d have plenty of energy to go out and play

Then she put on her rings

And went to the swings

Where she reached for the sky in a sway

65 years old

“Come on Marion,” he says, “don’t stop.”

We’re nearly at the top

I’ll make it just to enjoy the view

It’s always nice to see something new

60 years old

The children had grown

My life was now my own

It’s time to make my plans

To experience & do all I can

~ ~

It’s time I took another leap

I want to experience a steam engine to keep

I’ll stoke it up & play about

That will get me off the couch

55 years old

At 55, not even half way there

Hardly any original colour left in my hair

Tonight I will take my place in the front row stall

Where my son will sing at the Albert Hall

50 years old

Worrying about the childrens’ health

My daughter just doesn’t look after herself

But I’m off to drink at the rugby club

Better get ready – then give Val a hug

35 years old

Marion had a family fine

She lived a life to serve her time

She raised them all to great success

Couldn’t say which one she loved the best

25 years old

Today I passed my driving test

25 lessons & one little bang

It feels great to be apart

Of the ever growing motoring gang

16 years old

Marion was full of joy

On Saturday, she’d met a boy

Sixteen now, world at her feet

This was the perfect time to meet

10 years old

At the bottom of the garden, she’d built a den

From where they planned adventures for the days,

Waging wars against imaginary armies,

With troops made from imaginary friends

5 years old

School was fun today

Mrs Shields gave us glitter

Candles and cakes at play time

And a clown made us twitter

2 years old

What’s that in front of me?

Who are you? I want to see.

Mum, mum, let me out

If you don’t I’ll bawl and shout



If you enjoyed this, you might also like another poem from another group called 104 Years of Sydney

and of course, the poem that started it all plus an interview with the author, 100 Years of Ermintrude 


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