Is there a book (or a blog) inside you?

Do you want to write a book & get it published?

Are you an aspiring author, or perhaps a business owner, who wants to use your knowledge to raise your profile and credibility in the form a book?

Or perhaps you have started a book and got stuck or you are an already published author with a contractual deadline and the inspiration has dried up.

The Bookwright uses a wide variety of innovative techniques to breathe life into your ideas and provide a unique and highly creative approach to writing and publishing books.  If you are suffering from writer’s block, you have come to the right place to get it shifted.

If you think that the traditional publishing route is the only (and perhaps impossible) way to get published, then the Bookwright will enlighten you to the many options and opportunities for getting your story out into the world.

new pile of booksMaybe you are stuck with your initial idea or lack the confidence to take your ideas to the next stage. Or perhaps you have loads of ideas but don’t know what to do with them. You might believe it’s impossible to get your first book published. No matter what stage you are at, the Bookwright will help you to achieve the writing success you desire.

“There is no other way to write a book. Tom injects a certain magic to the whole process. Budding authors will find Tom inspiring.” Joanne Simpson, Coaching & Mentoring, Dubai

The Bookwright provides the following services to aspiring authors:

  • Creative Writing Workshops
  • Home Study Courses
  • Writer’s Unblocking
  • One-to-one author mentoring & coaching
  • Ghost writing & structural editing
  • ePublishing
  • Seminars on creativity & light bulb moments

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